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Kali Bichromicum








Common name:Bichromate of Potash.


Constituional taint:  Psoric. Sycotic. Syphilitic.


Typical Subjects:  Especially suited to scrofulous and syphilitic persons.  Fat, light haired, sluggish persons  Fat, chubby children. "Fat chubby, short-necked children, disposed to croup and croupy affection. " Phthisical subjects.

Notes and features:


Tenacious, stringy discharge. Such discharges are from mucous membranes, which adhere to the parts, and can be drawn out into long strings.  They may come from nose, throat, bronchi, stomach, vagina, uterus.  Even the saliva may be of this type.  Leucorrhoea yellopw, ropy.  Milk, as it flows, appears to be stringy.

Jelly-like appearance.  In dysentry, stools are bloody and jelly-like.  Gleet with jelly-like mucus.

Perforating ulcers.  Characteristically the remedy has deep-eating ulcers.  Such ulcers are as a rule syphilitic in origin.  Punched out, perforating ulcers affecting skin, mucus membranes, and even bones. Septum ulcerates; becomes perforated.   Ulcers in fauces assumes a perforating character. "Deep punched out chancres, very hard." Cavitis form in lungs in phthisis and harmorrhage tats place from the organ.

Pains: Migratory pains, which appear and disappear suddenly . Pains appear in small spots, which can be covered by a silver dollar or the point of the finger, especialy in the sick headache, which is preceded by blindness.

Rheumatism: alternating with dysentery or diarrhoea.

Gastric complaints; bad effects of beer; loss of appetite, weight in pit of stomach; flatulence.

Nose; pressing pain in root of nose; discharge of "clinkers", plugs.

8.   Thermal :The patient is sensitive to cold. There is a lack of vital heat.  In fact he wants to be                                  wrapped and covered warmly, and many of his complaints(except rheumatic and uterine  skin complaints that  come on in hot weather) are much better when he is perfectly warm in bed.




There is an abnormal fear of people or society-hatred or disgust for mankind. Kali Bich. patient is therefore a reserved person, habitually silent and is disinclined to talk. Dr. Kent says that there are very few mental symptoms owing to the fact that the remedy has been proved only in crude form.  It needs to be proved in potencies to bring out the mental symptoms.


Head :-


It has violent headaches and its headaches are mostly associated with catarrhal conditions.  A Kali bichromicum patient always suffers more or less from catarrah of the nose, and if he is


exposed to cold weather the catarrhal condition will turn to dryness; then will come on violent headache; also headaches during coryza. Headaches are better from warmth, especially warm

drink; better from pressure; worse from stooping; worse from motion and walking; worse at night and still much worse in the morning.  Pain is pulsating, shooting and burning.   Headaches come on with vertigo.  Headaches are often one-sided.  It has been a very useful remedy in syphilitic head pains. Pains over the eyes and in the forehead.  It is very useful when the headaches are with retching and vomiting; when the pain is confined to a very small spot that could be covered with the thumb and is violent; when the headaches come periodically and with dizziness.  Headaches are somewhat ameliorated in open air if it is not too cold.



Supra orbital neuralgia, right side. Eyelid burn and swollen, oedematous .  Discharge ropy and yellow. As Rheumatic conditions affects the eyes, hence it is said rheumatic affections of the eyes- Ititis.   Granular lids. Ulceration of the cornea.  -no pain or photophobia. The ulcer is deep with pulsation in it. The eyes are much inflamed , red and swollen. Margins of the lids are red and swollen.  It is cured polypus on the conjunctiva, swelling of the lids and stringy mucus.




There are yellow, viscid discharges from the ears., with stitching pains and pulsating in the ears.  Chronic suppuration of the middle ear with perforated typmpanum ; eczematous eruptions on the ears; itching of the whole external ear.



It is frequently indicated remedy in chronic nasal catarrh, hypertrophic rhinits, first fluent acrid coryza relieved by warmth then tough, stringy, tenacious discharge; sometimes to throat, causing choking. It often follows Aconite well, catarrhs involving whole respiratory tract.  wants to blow nose; no discharge; feeling of dryness in nose.

Snuffles of children, especially fat, chubby babiesPressure and pain at root of nose, and sticking pain in nose.  Septum ulcerated; round ulcer. Fetid smell. Discharge thick, ropy, greenish-yellow.  Tough elastic plugs from nose; leave a raw surface.  Inflammation extends to frontal sinuses, with distress and fullness at root of nose.  Dropping from posterior nares [Hydras.]. Loss of smell. Much hawking. Inability to breathe through nose.  Coryza, with obstruction of nose. Violent sneezing. Chronic inflammation of frontal sinus with stopped-up sensation. Dr. Kent says it has cured nasal polypus. Also it has cured lupus of the nose.



The bones of he face are often very sore, with shooting pains in the malar bones.With the catarrhal conditions there is much suffering from the malar bones, like Merc. It has cured lupus exedens. It has cured ulceration of the lip. Swollen parotid is quite a common feature in its proving. It has cured impetigo.



The tongue is smooth, shiny, sometimes cracked.  This is especially observed in low forms of fever like typhoid. Tongue may be thickly coated.  The provers seeemed to be much annoyed by a sensation of a hair on the base of the tongue. It has produced and cured ulceration of the tongue; even when syphilitc it is a useful remedy. Ulcers deep as if punched out, with stinging pains.


There is great dryness of the mouth, ropy saliva and mucus, ulcers anywhere in the mouth; aphthous patches; ulcers of the roof of the mouth, even when these are syphylitic it is a mot useful remedy; deep; punched out ulcers.




Fauces red and inflamed. Uvula relaxed, oedematous, bladder-like.This symptom is also found in Apis, Kali i., Lach.,,, and Tab.,It has also cured diphtheria with exudation -which is touch and stringy.




There is aversion to meat and, strange to say, he craves beer, which makes him sick, brings on diarrhoea. Food lies like a load in the stomach, digestion seems suspended; there is a pressure as of a load after eating and much foetid  eructation. When a beer drinker has arrived at a point where he can no longer tolerate his beer but it makes him sick, Kali bich is a useful remedy. Gastritis. Round ulcer of stomach. Gastric symptoms are relieved after eating , and the rheumatic symptoms reappear. Vomiting of bright yellow water. 



The abdomen is very tympanitic, with tenderness. There are stitching, cutting pains soon after eating. Chronic intestinal ulceration . There is pain in the liver, hard contracting pain extending to the shoulder resembling Crot. H.  Pain in the liver from motion.  Dull aching pain in the liver. It is a useful remedy in liver condition associated with gall stones. It corrects the action of the liver so that healthy bile is formed and the gallstones are dissolved.  Stitching pain in the liver, and so in the spleen, on motion.  


Stool:-Jelly like, gelatinous, worse, mornings. Dysentery, tenesmus, stools brown, forthy. After stool it has tenesmus like Mer. It has also constipation with had, knotty stool, followed by severe burning in the parts. Burning in the anus after stool. Prolapsus of the rectum. He suffers much from hamorrhoids which protrude after stool and are very painful.  


Urinary:-  Pain in the back with bloody urine.  Shooting pains in the region of the kidneys, also aching in the region of the kidneys with urging to urinate in he day time.  There is suppressed urine with aching in the kidneys.  Ropy mucus in the urine. Pain in the coccyx before urination, relieved afterwards.   After urinating a drop seems to remain which cannot be expelled.


Male:-    In the male the sexual desire is generally absent.  There is a strong constricting or contracting pain the end of the penis and much itching of the pubes. Deep punched out chancres, very hard. Ropy mucus discharge from the urethra..


Female:- As there is much relaxation in the remedy during hot weather it especially affects the woman.   She suffers from prolapsus in the summer time, during hot weather. Itg is very useful remedy in the woman for subinvolution .  In the menstrual flow there are often membranes that cause her to suffer. The menstrual flow is too soon, excoriataes the parts, causes the labia, to swell and itch.  Like the catarrhal conditions of other mucous membranes, there3 is leucorrhoea that is yellow and ropy.


It has been a most useful remedy in the vomiting of pregnency, when the other symptoms agree and also where the milk becomes stringy. 


Respiratory:- Laryngitis- has dryness of the  larynx, the voice is rough and hollow and expectoration is stringy. This remedy has a constant metallic barking and its great characteristic is the presence  of a thick yellow sticky, tenacious mucus, which is exceedingly difficult to expectorate. Cough with pain in sternum, extending to shoulders; worse when undressing.  Pain at bifurcation of trachea on coughing from mid-sternum to back.. Also an excellent remedy in membranous croup.



Dilatation, especially from coexisting kidney lesion. Cold feeling around heart (Kali nit).




Many of the symptoms in the back are of a rheumatic character and wander from place to place.  The rheumatic pains are worse stooping, and, like other pains worse from motion. An exception to this is in the sacrum where there is an aching pain at night when lying and is better in the day time on motion. Cutting through loins; cannot walk; extends to groins. Pains in coccyx and sacrum extending up and down< from rising after sitting and vice versa.




Pains fly rapidly from one place to another [Kali sulph, Puls.]The limbs are stiff in the morning on rising and pains wander about, especially in the joints.  Rheumatic pains that wander about. Pains in the limbs are worse from cold and worse from motion.  They are  better from heat and better in rest. Periodical pains coming at regular times. The bones feel sore to touch or on deep pressure.  There is cracking in the joints. Rheumatic pains are very common in the shoulders; lameness; there is burning in the forearms; rheumatic pains in the elbows; weak feeling in fingers. Bones in the hand and fingers feel bruised and very tender to hard pressure.  Rheumatic pains of the fingers are very common to this remedy.  In the lower limbs we have marked rheumatic pains through the hips and the sciatica nerves, very  severe, worse in hot weather, these are better in motion, better in the warmth of the bed, worse from changes in the weather, and better on flexing the leg. Drawing pains in the tibia are very common. Left side sciatica >motion. It has cured ulcers on the legs, deep as if punched out. Burning on the ankles, soreness of the heels.  It has cured ulcers on the heels.


Skin: Upon the skin we have pustules, boils, eczema, blisters, herpes, shingles, ulcers(with punched out edges) on the skin, tubercles, suppurating tubercles and eruptions that are syphylitic in character. 


Modalities:- Worse: Morning;  Heat of summer;  Hot weather;   Undressing.

                     Better: Heat; Skin symptoms are better in cold weather (Reverse of Alumina &                      


Summary of Indications: Conjunctivitis-rhinitis-bronchitis-gastroenteritis-polymyossitis


Antidotes: Arsenic album;   Lachesis;   Pulsatilla.



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