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 Source:  Delphinium staphisagria. Stavesacre. N. O. Ranunculaceæ. Tincture of the seeds.


Introduction:- The seed of Stavesacre was known to Dioscorides as an agent for producing vomiting and salivation, and for the cure of toothache; "the origin of which application," says Hahnemann.. J. H. Schultze, when suffering from toothache, took some of the seed in his mouth, but it gave him such a violent exacerbation that he thought he should go mad.It was also used as an exterminator of vermin by the Greeks. That is why it is still used for the treatment of Pediculosis in the conventional treatment who do not know more about this herb.  Homeopathically, it is a well proved drug and is widely used in the following ailments in our daily practice:-


Psychological problems - ImpotenceAddiction to excessive smoking -


Postoperative care - Honeymoon cystitis- Styes -     Prostate Enlargement.



Points and Features:


Psychological effects: of sexual abusess.{Sexual sins and excesses- bad effects from-Dr.Boericke] Mind dwindling continually on sexual subjects.

Children: cross  ugly, scrawny, pot bellied children; subject to colic; < after food or drink. Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food.

Styes: Styes, nodosities, chalazae, on eyelid, one after another, sometimes ulcerating.

Urethra: Burning in the urethra when not urinating; very sensitive to slightest mental impresions; least action or harmless word offends.

Teeth decay: early in children; cannot be kept clean.

Sensation: as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down, relaxed; craving for tobacco.


Mind: The mental symptoms are very imprtant, and the impressions made upon the mind and thence upon the body guide to Staphisagria as a remedy.  Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, tht is, easily disturbed and excited, but seldom manifests it. Suitable in cases where complaints come from pent up wrath, suppresed anger, suppressed feelings. The person becomes speechless from suppressed indigntion; anger with indignation.  Complaints brought on by these causes; irritable bladder with frequent urging to urinate, lasting many days after suppressed wrath, after insults;  "Great indignation about things done by others or by himself; grieves about consequences.".


A gentleman comes in contact with one beneath his station and an altercation takes place, an argument which ends in insult, and the gentleman turns his back on the other. He goes hom and suffers; he does not speak it out, but controls it andthen suffers from it.  He has sleepless nights and many days of fatigue, brain-fag; for days and weeks he cannot add nor subtract, makes mistakes in writing and speaking, his irritability of the bladder, colic, etc.  Loss of memory with a sense of weight between the eyes; it is difficult to say whether this is a feeling in the head or an effort to describe a dulness of mind.  Feels as if a ball of wood were in the forehead, or as if the whole cerebrum were made of wood;  if feel numb,.  It is difficult to state whether it is a conditon of the mind or head.  Accompanying this sensation of a lump in the forehead is a feeling as if the whole back of the head were hollow; the patient may describe it as a feeling of numbness or lack of sensation.


"Indifferent, low-spirited, dulness of mind after masturbation.".  Staphisgaria cures these conditons when they are the result of sexual excitement, masturbation, excesses in venery, allowing the mind to dwell too much on venereal subjects. Thinking on sexual relations. These patients re irritable, easily fatigued, mot excitable, and when they he to control their emotons they suffer intensly. One who is in health can easiy put aside a controversy, knowing that he has done what is right, but a Staph patient when he has ato control himself goes all to pieces, trembles from head to foot, loses his voice, bis ability to work, cannot sleep and a headache follows.


Many a time , Dr, Kent giving a case narrates, a man hs come into his office with blue lips, trembling hands, pains about the heart and all over, and he thinks he is going to die.  He tells a story of an altercation and pent up wrath, and Staph. Stops his trembling and quiets him.  Without it he wouldhave sleepless nights, brain fag, prostration and headache.  This state belongs especially to those who have indulged in sexual exceses.


    The above examples describing the mental symptoms have been quoted in order to impress the value of Staphisgaria as a mind remedy.  Chammomilla is often used when Staphisagria would be better especially for children(Child cries for many things, and refuses them when offered.), and Nux vomica is sometimes used for adults the same way. Phosphoric acid is sometimes used for the results of onanism when Staphisagria would do better.  You will also notice that this remedy may be indicated for the effects of anger instead of Chamomilla or Colocynth. Here are Chamomilla, Nux Vomica, Cina, Colocynth and Staphisagria standing very close to each other for cross, ugly, irritable subjects, and there are few cases thta one or the other will not fit. Then we he Phosphoric acid, Natrum mur, Abacardium, Aurum and Staph for the apathetic or hypochondriacal.


Head:- The Staphisgaria headache is a numb, dull pain in the occiput and forewhead especially in these nervous constitutions. Stupefying headache; passes off with yawning.  Brain feels squeezed. Sensation of a ball of lead in forehead. Itching eruption above and behind ears (Oleander).


Eyes:-Heat in eyeballs, dims spectacles. Recurrent Styes. Chalazae (Platanus).  Eyes sunken, with blue rings. Margin of lids itch. Affections of angles of eye, particularly the inner. Lacerated or incised wounds of cornea. Bursting pain in eyeballs of syphilitic iritis.


Throat:-  Chronic tonsillitis, tonsils are not large but hard from previous attacks of acutge tonsillitis, strumous diathesis; cross and irritable."Stitches flying to the ear on swallowing, especially left. "Pains come on after eating.


Mouth:- Toothache during menses. Teeth black and cumbling.. Salivation, spongy gums, bleed easily (Merc. Kreos.) Submaxillary glands swollen. After eating feels sleepy pyorrhea (Plantgo).



Stomach:- Staphisagaria has a sensation as if the stomach were hanging down relaxed.  Ipecac and Tabacum have the same sensation. Sometimes it is described as a sinking sensation.   It also has the same sensation in the abdomen; feels as though it would drop, wants to support it with the hands. Desire for stimulants. Craving for tobacco. Canine hunger, even when stomach is full. Nausea after abdominal operations.


Abdomen:-Colic after anger. Colic, which might be styled "habitual colic', in scrawny, urgly, pot-bellied children, and especially if they suffer much with their teeth, which turn black, with tender, spongy gums, which are sensitive and painful. Flabby and weak.  Hot flatus. Swollen abdomen in children, with much flatus. Colic, with pelvic tenesmus. Severe pain following an abdominal operation.  Incarcerated flatus. Diarrhoa after drinking cold water, with tenesmus. Constiption (2 drops tincture night and morning), hæmorrhoids, with enlarged prostate.


Male: Especially after self-abuse; persistent dwelling on sexual subjects. Spermatorrhoa, with sunken features; guilty look; emissions, with backache and weakness and sexual neurasthenia. Dyspnoa after coition.


Female:- Parts very sensitive , worse sitting down (Berb, Kreos.). Irritable bladder in young married women. Leucorrhoa. Prolapsus, with sinking in the abdomen; aching around the hips.


Urinary:- Cystocele (locally and internally). Cystitis in lying-in patients. Ineffectual urging to urinate in newly married women. Pressure upon bladder; feels as if it did not empty. Sensation as if a drop of urine were rolling contininuously along the channel. Burning in urethra during micturition. Prostatic troubles; frequent urination, burning in urethra when not urinating (Thuja; Sabal; Ferr.picr.) Urging and pain after urinating. Pain after lithotomy.


Skin:-Eczema of head, ears, face, and body; thick scabs, dry, and itch violently; scratching changes location of the itching. Fig-warts pedunculated (Thuja). Arthritic nodes. Inflammation of phalanges. Night-sweats.


Extremities:- Muscles, especially of calves, feel bruised. Backache; worse in morning before rising. Extremities feel beaten and painful. Joints stiff. Crural neuralgia.  Dull aching of nates extending to hip-joint and small of back.


Modalities:- Worse: anger, indignation, grief, mortification, loss of fluids, onanism, sexual excesses, tobacco; least touch on affected parts.


 Better:after breakfast, warmth, rest at night.


 Relationship:   Inimical: Ranunc. Bulb.       


Complementary: Causticum and Colocynth. (Used in the following order: Causticum-Colocynth, Staphysgaria.


Compare: Ferrum pyrophos (tarsal cysts);   Colocynth; Caust; Ign; Phos. ac. Calad.


Dose: Third to thirtieth potency.



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