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 Nitricum Acidum






Source:-Nitric Acid.

Introduction:- This remedy so closely resembles Mercurius. in many points, that it is often very difficult to distinguish between the two; usually is applicable in dark haired people, and Mercur.. in light-haired people. If Mercurius has already been used without avail Nitric acidfollows well and will often cure.It is a very deep acting Homeopathic remedy used in our day to day practice for the following type of ailments:-

1. Chronic diarrhoea-2. Chronic cystitis 3. Ulcers    4. Warts     

Constitutional Taint:-Psoric. Sycotic.Syphilitic. Predominantly, Nitric acid has syphilitic stigma.

Mode of Action:- Selects for its special seat of action the outlets of the  body where the mucous membrane and skin meet; these pain as from splinters. Sticking pains.

Typical subjects:-Persons who are suffering from chronic diseases, who take cold easily and are disposed to dirrhoea. In the opinion of Dr. Hahnemann, it is seldom idicated in those persons who sufffer from constipation. It has constipation, no doubt. But this symptom is of much inferior quality. And consequently this sparticular symptom may be left out of consideration in recognizing or ear marking a Nit-acid patient. A broken down and greatly debilitted person who suffers from diarrhoea off and on or all the time. "Patients greatly broken down by long suffering, pain and sickness, physical more than mental suffering, finally anaemia and emaciation are marked." Mercurio-syphilitic patients.

Points and features:-

Prutridity. Malignancy. Fetid urine, hving an intolerable offensive, strong smell, or smells like horse's urine. Offensive and putrid(cadaverous )smell from the mouth. Saliva has foul odor. Offfensive and undigeted evacuations. Sweat on fet, sometimes fetid, with excoriation between toes. Strong odor from body. Malignancy: Tedious obstinate suppuration, Carious ulcers. Spreading ulcers. Ulcers spreading rapidly; offensive. Fetid odor from nose. Thse are illustrations of this keynote.

Extreme sensitiveness. Excessive physical irritability. Extreme sensitiveness to touch., lightest jar or movement. Very sensitive to rattles of waggons on paved streets. Head is sensitive to slightest jar; to the vibrations caused by on's walking on the floor. Headache caused by pressure of hat; aggravated by noises. Tongue sensitrive even to soft food. Scalp sensitive to combing which is painful.


burn when touched; bleed when touched; elicits splinter like pains on being touched; Chokes. Easily. Takes cold easily. The corresponding mental state translates itself into the following symptom. Easily startled and frightened. Uneasiness respecting health, with fear of death. Anxiety about recovery with fear of death.   If she exerts her mind, thoughts vanish. Faints from the least motion.

Ulceration:Great tendency to ulceration. Ulcers and cracks around mucous outlets of the body where skinand mucous membrane join; mouth, nose, anus, rectum, urethra, vagina. Corners of mouth ulceratead, cracked. Red lips ulcerated. Ulcerataed spots on inner surface of the cheeks, with sticking pains as from a splinter. Fissured tongue. Moist fissures of anus. 

Bleeding: Eruptions and ulcers bleed from touch. Haemorrhage from the bowels in typhoid and typhus. Even much discharge of blood after stool. Sanguineous, dysentric evacuations, with tenesmus. Ulcer bleed from touch. Phthisis: frequent discharge of bright red blood, at times profuse, chest feels sore to touch.  Bleeding warts. Sycotic excrescenses on glas, may bleed when touched.

Pricking: Pricking, splinter-like pains in affected parats. Such pains are manifest in ulcers, throat, anus, piles, urethra(gonorrhoea).

Band sensation: Sensation of a band around affected parts; as if there is a band around bones; jerking pains in inner parts.

Affinity for glands:- It has not only inflammation and swelling of glands but also suppuration of glands. "Prolonged suppuration of glands, with no tendency to repar, when there are sticking pains. " Swelling of glands of neck and axillae. Inflammatory swelling of testes, with painful drawing of the spermatic cord, as far as side of abdomen. Swelling of parotids. Swelling suppuration of inguinal glands. Great swelling of throat and tonsils. Painful swelling sub-maxillary glands.

Mind: Uneasiness respecting health, with fear of death. Unfitness for labor. Vexed at trifles. Attacks of rage, despair, with cursing and maledictions. Fits of rage and despair; with oaths and imprecations. Inclination to weep. Weakness of intellectual faculties, with unfitness for intellectual labor. Excessive weakness of memory. "A general indifference to alll matters; tired of life; has no enjoyment in anything; aggravated before menses." "He is angered over his own mistakes." Anger with trembling". Despair of recovery. Hopelessness. Cannot comprehend what is said to him.

Appearance:- Paleness of facae, with eyes deep-sunk. Dark yellow, almost brown complexion.  Dark freckles on face. Reddish brown spots scattered over body. Copper or violet colored spots. Black pores on face. Swelling of cheeks. Bloatedness around eyes on walking early. Bloatedness of face. " The expression is anxious haggard , sickly. "  Eyes lusterless. Excessive emaciation. Furfuraceous skin over whole face. Ulcers on red lips. Furunculi on chin. "Deep lines of suffering characterize the Nitric acid face". Dark rings about eyes mouth and nose. Crusts and pustules form on face. Corners of mouth cracked, ulcerataed and scabby, Lips raw and bleeding. Dryness of  skin. Tightness of skin. Cracks and rhagades in hands. Crippled nails.


Head:- Sensation of a band around head. Headache from pressure of hat; full feeling; worse from street noises. Hair falls out. Scalp sensitive.


Ears:- . Hardness of hearing, especially when relieved by riding in a carriage or in the cars-or trains i.e hear better (like Graphites) Very sensitive to nose; , as the rattle of wagons over pavements (Coff;Nux). Cracking in ears when chewing.


Eyes:- Double vision; sharp, sticking pains, Ulceration of cornea. Gonorrhoal ophthalmia, photophobia, constant lachrymation. Syphilitic iritis.


Nose:-:- Ozæna. Green casts from nose every morning. Coryza, with sore and bleeding nostrils. Tip red. Stitches, as of a splinter in nose.Caries of mastoid, Nosebleed. with chest affections. Chronic nasal catarrh, with yellow, offensive,corrosive discharge. Nasal diphtheria, with watery and exceedingly excoriating discharge.


Mouth:- Putrid breath. Salivation. Bleeding of gums. Painful pimples on the sides of the tongue. Tongue, clean, red and wet with centre furrow.. Teeth become loose; gums soft and spongy.Ulcers in soft palate, with sharp, splinter like pains. Salivation and bad breath.. Bloody saliva.


Throat:- Dry. Pain into ears. Hawks mucus constantly. White patches and sharp points, as from splinters,  on swallowing.


Stomach:- Great hunger, with sweetish taste. Longing for indigestible things-chalk, earth, etc. Pain in cardiac orifice. Dyspepsia with excess of oxalic acid, uric acid and phosphates in urine and great mental depression.Loves fat and salt (Sulphur)..


Abdomen:- Great straining, but little passes, Rectum feels torn. Bowels constipated, with fissures in rectum. Tearing pains during stools. No remedy has more decided action upon the anus, and one very characteristic symptom is, "great pain after passage of stool,even a soft stool." He walks the floor in agony of pain for an hour or two after a stool (Ratanhia). In dysentery this symptom distinguishes this remedy from Nux vomica;  which is relieved after stool and  Mercurius which has tenesmus all the time, or before, during and after stool. Hæmorrhages from bowels, profuse, bright. Prolapsus ani. Hæmorrhoids protude, crack bleed easily and very sore. Diarrhoa, slimy and offensive. After stools, irritable and exhausted. Colic relieved from tightening clothes. Jaundice, aching in liver..


Urine:- Scanty, dark,offensive. Smells like horse's urine.Cold on passing.. Burning and stinging. Urine bloody and albuminous. Alternation of cloudy, phosphatic urine with profuse urinary secretion in old prostatic cases. It is one of three remedies having very offensive odor to the urine, viz.:Benzoic acid, Nitric acid and Sepia.

Benzoic acid urine is very dark with very intense urinous odor.

Nitric acid:- dark, smelling like horse urine.

Sepia offensive and  sourish


Male:- Soreness and burning in glans and beneath prepuce. Ulcers; burn and sting; exude, offensive matter.


Female:- External parts sore, with ulcers (Hepar; Merc. Thuja). Leucorrhoa brown, flesh-colored, watery, or stringy, offensive. Hair on genitals falls out (Ntr.mur;Zinc.). Uterine hæmorrhages.

Menses early, profuse, like muddy water, with pain in back, hips and thighs. Stitches through vagina. Metrorrhagia after parturition.


Respiratory:- Hoarseness. Aphonia, with dry hacking cough, from tickling in larynx and pit of stomach. Soreness at lower end of sternum.Short breath on going upstairs(Ars.,Calc.). Cough during sleep  (Calc.)


Extremities:- Fetid foot-sweat, causing soreness of toes, with sticking pain; chilblains on toes. Sweating of palms, hands; cold, blue nails. Offensive sweat in axillæ at night.


Skin:- Warts, large jagged; bleed on washing. Ulcers bleed easily, sensitive; splinter-like pains; zigzag, irregular edges; base looks like raw flesh. Exuberant granulations. Black pores on face, papules worse on forehead.


Modalities:- Worse:- evening and night, After midnightl; Contact; cold climate, and also hot weather. Change of temperfature or weather (cold or hot weather). During sweating; On waking.; While walking. Better: while riding in carriage (Reverse:-Cocculus).


Relationship:- Complementary:Ars., Calad; Lac. Can; Sepia.



Antidotes:- Aconite; Calcarea Carb (follows well after Nit. acid, when given after a suffieint interval.); Hepar Sulph; Merc. Sulphur.


Compare:Merc. Kali; Thuja; Hepar; Calc..


Dose:- Sixth potency. As the nitric acid patient begins to improve skin symptoms may appear for a time, a favorable indication.



Red line symptoms of Nitric Acid.


1.         Blisters and ulcers on the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and especially on muco-cutaneous junction with pricking, burning pain on being touched, especially after the abuse of mercury.

2.         Superficial ulcers like chancres, on glans and prepuce, looking clean, but exuding an offensive moisture.


3.         Sycotic excresences on the glans, bleeding when touched.

4.         Stitches and sticking pains as from splinters,. especially on touch, in all parts of the body.

5.         Ulcers with stinging and pricking pains, edges. irregular; exuberant granulations, after mercury or in secondary syphilis.

6.         Cracking in maxilliary articulation when chewing.

7.         Sticking pains in rectum, and spasmodic constriction. in anus during stool; fissures.

8.         Pain as if the rectum would be torn asunder during stool.    



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