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Kali Carbonicum






Common Name:- Carbonate of  Potassium.


Constitutional Taint:- Psoric.  Sycotic.  Syphilitic. Tubercular diathesis.  It acts very deeply into the constitution and its action lasts for quite a long time.


The following lines of Kent are worth their weight in gold. "Kali Carb. seems to be a dreadful medicine to handle."  Do not give that constitutional medicine, that should have been administered to these patients twenty years ago, because there is no reaction enough in the life of the patient to turn him into order, and he will be destroyed. Someday after practicing awhile and making numerous mistakes in attempting to cure incurables you will admit the awful power of homeopathic medicine."  I myself seldom prescribe this medicine which I dread most, (not without reason, of course) no matter if the drug is strongly indicated.  To state most briefly: when clearly indicated and the diseases in which it is called for is not in its advanced or rather in its fairly advanced stage, it can well be harnessed in the 30th or utmost in the 200th potency.  And, even in such a case, it should be given in a single dose. Generally speaking,  Kali carb. should be given with caution in old gouty cases, old cases of nephritis, and in advanced cases of phthisis. Just use one tiny globule put into three-fourths of an ounce of distilled water contained in an ounce phial. Add 2 drops of rectified spirit.  Then impart to the phial ten succussions.  This is quite sufficient for a dose. "You need not believe these things, you are not obliged to".




Dr. Boericke states that "weakness- characteristic" of all Pottasium salts is seen especially in this, with soft pulse, coldness, general depression and very characteristic stitches, which may be felt in any part of the body, or in connection with any affection. All Kali carb pains are sharp and cutting; nearly all better by motion. Never use any Salts of Potash where there is fever (T.F.Allen) Sensitive to every atmospheric change, and intolerance of cold weather. One of the best remedies following labor. Miscarriage for consequent debilitated states.  Early morning aggravation is very characteristic. Fleshy aged people with dropsical and paretic tendencies.  Sweat, backache, and weakness. Throbbing pains. Tendency to dropsy. Tubercular diatheses.  Pain in small spot on left side. Hypothyroidism, Coxitis.


Typical subjects: Persons with ulceration of the lungs.  Tubercular diathesis. Hahnemann writes:"Persons suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without this anti-psoric." Persons who are aged, of lax fibre and inclined to obesity (Ammon-c., Graph.).  Admirably adapted to the old, fleshy, flabby, dropsical, paretic.  Persons affected byt kloss of fluids, particularly when anaemic. "Very efficacious during puberty."


Notes and features:


1. Stitching pains: It leads all the remedies for stitching pains.  Bryonia stands next, but there is very marked difference.  The stitching pains of Kali Carb. are worse during rest and lying on affected side i.e. from pressure which are opposite of Bryonia.  Stitches in region of liver; also burning. Stitches in kidneys; in ears; in eyes; in chest; on back, etc.(Stitching pains of Bryonia are oftenest located in serous membranes, while those of Kali carb. are found anywhere and everywhere, and in almost every tissue, even to the teeth). One of the favorite localities, however for Kali carb.  is in the lower right chest. This sharp stitching pain is likely to run right through to  the back. This symptom may be seen in Phthisis; also rattling and wheezing breathing; great         accumulation of mucous in chest, but difficult to expectorate; intense oppression of breathing.


2. Burning:- Burning pains and burning sensations are found in many parts.  Burning in anus and rectum.  Burning sensation under the skin. Burning acidity rising from stomach. "Urine flows slowly with burning."


3. Dropsical conditons: Dropsy all over the body.  Dropsy of whole skin of the body.  Dropsy, esp. of old people.  Such conditions may be in complication with liver and heart disease. Face, fingers, legs, abdomen, etc. bloated.  Dropsical affections of internal organs.


4.Sourness:- Belching is attended with rising of sour fluids, that set the teeth on edge. Sour vomiting of food.


5. Fullness: Feeling of fullness even after little food or drink. Everything seems to run into gas (Arg.n., Iod.). Constant feeling as if stomach were full of water. Feeling of lump in stomach.


6. Thermal: He is a chilly patient.  He is so sensitive to every atmospheric change that he can never get the room at just exactly the right temperature, he is sensitive to every draft of air and to the circulation of air in the room.  He cannot have the windows open, even in a distant part of the house. He will get up at night in bed, and look around to see where that draft of air comes. His complaints are worse in wet weather, and in cold weather.  He is sensitive to the cold and is always shivering. His nerves feel the cold; they are all painful when it is cold. The neuralgias shoot here and there when it is cold, and if the part affected be kept warm the pain goes to some other place.   All his pains change place and go into the cold part; if he covers up one part, the pain goes to the part uncovered.).



Mind Symptoms:-


The patient is whimsical, irascible, irritable to the very highest degree, quarrelsome, despondent. He never wants to be alone,, is full of fear and imaginations when alone, "fear of future, fear of death, fear of ghosts". If compelled to remain alone in the house he is wakeful, sleepless, or his sleep is full of horrible dreams. He is never at peace, is full of imaginations and fear.  "What if the house should burn up1" "What if I should do this or that1" and "What if this and the other thing should happen!" Alternating moods. Anxiety is felt in stomach,  Sensation as bed is sinking. He is obstinate and hypersensitive to pain, noise, touch to any part of the body especially feet. 




It has catarrhal congestive headache. The headache is related to catarrh of nose, whenever the discharge from nose ceases from taking cold in a draft,  on comes headache, and as the discharge becomes free again the headache is relieved.  Headache from riding in cold wind. Headache comes on with yawning.  Stitches in temples, aching in occiput, one-sided with nausea, on riding in carriage. Loose feeling in head. Great dryness of hair; falls out (Fluoric Acid.).


Eyes:-The main characteristic  symptom of this remedy is "Swelling over upper lid, like little bags. Weak sight from excessive sexual indulgence. Stitches in eyes. Spots, gauze, and black points before eyes. On shutting eyes, painful sensation of light penetrating the brain.


Ears:  .Stitches in ears. Itching, cracking, ringing and roaring. "Right ear hot, left ear pale and cold. "


Nose:  Whenever the patient goes out in the cold air, the nose opens up and the mucous membranes becomes dry and burn; when he  return into a warm the nose commences to discharge and the nose stuffs up so that he cannot breathe, through it, and then he feels most comfortable, so that it has stuffing up of the nose in a warm room. and opening up of the nose in the open air. (Here when the nose is open in the open air he can breathe through it, that is the time the head is most painful; it is painful to the cold air and the cold air makes it burn.The cold air feels hot.)

With the chronic  catarrh of the nose there is a thick, fluent, yellow discharge; dryness of the nose, alternating with stuffing up. Post nasal dropping [Spigel.]. Sore, scrufy nostril; bloody nasal mucus. Nosebleed on washing face in the morning. Ulcerated nostrils.  To explain this, Dr.Kent says that the one who suffers from a chronic catarrh will also have the discharge in the morning which will fill up the nose with yellow mucus.  In the morning he blows out and hawks up dry, hard crusts that fill up the nasal passage, clear over into the pharynx and down into the throat.  These crusts become dry as if they were partly formed upon the mucous membrane and when they are blown out there is bleeding.  The bleeding starts from where the crusts are lifted up.


Mouth:- The mouth is full of little ulcers, little aphthous patches. The mucus membrane is pale and ulcerates daily.  The tongue is white with offensive taste; coated gray, with sick headaches. The teeth present a peculiar state.  The gums take on a scorbutic or scrofulous character.  The gums separate from the teeth and the teeth decay and become discolored and loose, so that they have to be extracted early in life.  He suffers from pain in the teeth whenever he takes cold from riding in the wind and raw weather. Offensive smell from the teeth; pus oozing out from around the teeth.


Throat:- Dry parched, rough,. Stitching pain in the throat (pharynx) as if a fishbone were sticking in it" (compare Hepar sulphur, Dolichos, Nitric acid and Argentum nitricum.) .  Swallowing difficult; food goes down oesophagus slowly. Mucous accumulating in the morning.


Stomach:-Kali Carb. fits many old dyspeptics.After eating he feels as if he would burst, so blated is he.  Great flatulence; belches wind upwards and passes flatus downwards; offensive flatus.  The belching up is als attended with fluid eructations, sour fluids that set the teeth on edge; they excoriate, or cause smarting in the pharynx or mouth. "Abdomen distended with wind after eating.They make us tbink of Lcopodium,Carbo Veg & China but remember Kali carb. is especially adapted to broken down, aged people who are anaemic.  Pain in stomach after eating, burning in the stomach after eating.  Gone feeling in the stomach, that is not even relieved by eating.  A peculiar condition in Kali Carb, is a state of anxiety felt in the stomach, as though it were a fear.  Dr. Kent says that one of the first patients he ever had expressed it in a better way than it is expressed in books, she said, "Doctor, somehow or other I don't have a fear like other people do, because I have it in my stomach.". She said when she was frightened, it always struck to her stomach.  "If a door slams, I feel it right here"(epigastric region). Well, that is striking , that is peculiar of Kali Carb. A sudden touch of any part of the patient without  his or her  knowledge- there is an anxiety or fear or apprehension felt in the region of the stomach. Epigastric pain to back. Gastric disorders from ice-water. Sour eructations. Nausea, >lying down. Constant feeling as if stomach were full of water.

While many of the symptoms of Kali carb. are < after eating, some symptoms are relieved after eating.  There is throbbing in the pit of the stomach when the stomach is empty. Easy choking after eating.


Abdomen:- There are many old chronic liver subjects who talk about nothing else but the liver. Every time they go to the doctor's office they talk about the liver; and about a condition of

fullness in the region of the liver and pain through the right shoulder blade and up through the right side of the chest. Stitches in the region of the liver. It is also indicative in liver dropsies.Tremendous flatulence. When the attack of colic is on it might remind you of Colocynth or of some other of the acute remedies that cure colic in two or three minuts, but you will find these acute remedies that relieve colic so speedily when given in 2nd or 3rd time do not give marked effect, then you may think of anti-psoric - Kali carb which is a deep acting and long acting remedy- if of course it fits the constitution of the patient. 3


Rectum :   It has a great many complaints of the rectum and anus and of the stool.It has most persistent and enormous haemorrhoidal tumors that burn, that are extremely sensitive to touch, tht bleed copiously, that are extremely painful making it impossible for him to sleep. Haemorrhoids that come out after stool and bleed copiously and are very painful; they must be pushed back, and long after going to bed they burn like fire. There is a great aggravation from stool which are large,  hard and knotty and requires great straining to expel. Fistulae of the anus. Burning temporarily relieved by sitting in cold water.


Urine:-   Burning in urethra during  and micturition.  Urine flows slowly with soreness and burning.Kali carb runs very close to Naturm mur in many of its old, longstanding bladder troubles especially in gonorrhoea. In Naturm mur the burning is after urination and in Kali Carb, the burning is during and after urination and you have the broken down constituion .Involuntary urination when coughing and sneezing etc.Obliged to rise several times at night to urinate- especially wakes at 3 'o clock  and cannot get to sleep nntil 5 o' clock in the morning.


Male:  All the symptoms are likely to be worse after coition in Kali carb. He has weak vision, weakness of the senses, tremulousness, and is generally nervous; he is sleepless and weak, and he shivers and trembles for a day or two after coition. Similar symptoms are observed in the woman. In spite of the fact that the patient is weak, the sexual desire is excessive. It is not orderly.  There is a sexual erethism, which is not under the command of the will and in the male he is subject to copious and frequent pollution, nightly dreams, sexual prostration. Phosphorus is a medicine that is abused in this sphere.  Many physicians look upon it as one of the great remedies for the weakness of the genitals organs.  In Phos. the genital strength of the genital  indications are extreme excitement, too active erection,s a disorderloy weakness, as this is often associated with very feeble constitutions, and Phos. Not only fails to cure, but seems to add to the weakness. It is a weakness that you will learn is a vital weakness. Phos. will set patients to running down more rapidly who are suffering from a vital weakness, who are always tire, simply weak, always prostrated and want to got to bed.


Female:-  Kali Carb. is often a remedy for vomiting in pregnancyh, but to find out when it is the remedy for vomiting of pregnancy we have to go to the whole constitutional state. Vomiting of pregnancy is not cured, although it may be temporarily relieved, by Ipecac., as this a medicine that corresponds merely to the nausea itself. In a large number of instances gagging and nausea are only a second or third grade symptom in the remedy that will cure. The condition really depends upon the constitutional state, and the remedy

that is to cure must be a constitutional remedy. Sulphur, Sepia and Kali Carb are among the remedies commonly indicated. Sometimes, Arsenic is needed. Of course, if a

pregnant women has simply disordered her stomach and has vomiting bile a few times the remedy might be Ipecac. When a pregnant women has no constitutional symptoms at all and upon examining the case you find nothing but the nausea, overwhelming deathly nausea, with continuous vomiting day and night, a single dose of Symphoricarpus rac. will help(200th  has proved curative.).Difficult first menses.  Delayed menses in young girls, with chest symptoms or ascitis.  Complaints after parturition. Menses early, profuse or too late, pale and scanty, with soreness about genitals, pains from back pass down through gluteal muscles, with cutting in abdomen. Uterine hhg. with violent backache.


Respiratory:- In old asthmatic patients with weak pulse with pulsations and palpitation with which he cannot lie down. The only position it seems that he can find any comfort is by leaning forward, with his elbows resting upon a chair. The attack is violent and continuous especially worse from 3 to 5 A.M. and worse from lying in bed.  He is aroused at 3 o'clock in the morning with these asthmatic attacks. In patient who always have rattling in the chest, rattling cough, stuffy breathing with every rainy spell or misty spell, or in cold, foggy weather, the condition becomes that of a humid asthma.

The cough of this medicine is one of the most violent coughs of all the medicines in the Materia Medica.   The whole frame is racked. The cough is incessant attended with gagging and vomiting, comes on at 3 o'clock in the morning, a dry, hacking, hard,racking cough with stitching pain in the chest. "Suffocative cough and choking cough at 5 a.m..  Great dryness in the throat between 2 am to 3 a.m."  Think of Kali carb. when, after troubles like measles, a catarrhal state is left behind, due to lack of reaction, the psoric sequelae. The cough following measles is very often a kali carb. cough. Kali carb;, Sulphur, Carbo veg. and Drosera are perhaps more frequently indicated than other medicines in such coughs as follow measles or pneumonia.

Nothing is more striking in Kali carb. than the wandering stitching pains through the chest, and the coldness of the chest. Constant cold taking.; better in warm climate. Tendency to tuberculosis. Lower part of right chest to back(stitching pains runs through the region in pneumonia.).  Bronchitis, whole chest is very sensitive. Wheezing. 


Heart: Palpitation and burning in heart region. There is throbbing all over the body, pulsation to the fingers and toes, there is no part that does not pulsate, and he is kept awake by this pulsation.  Pulsation even when there is often no feeling of palpitation in the  region of heart Weak, rapid pulse; intermits, due to digestive disturbance.Cardiac dyspneoa.


Back: :The Characteristic peculiarities of Kali Carb" Backache, sweat and weakness. Small of back feels weak-Constant backache with feeling as if back and legs would give out. Stitches in the region of kidneys and right scapulae.  Burning in spine[Guaco.] Severe backache in pregnancy, and after miscarriage.  Hip-disease. Pain in buttocks and thighs and hip-joint. Lumbago with sudden sharp pains extending up and down back and to thighs.


Extremeties:  Dr. Kent says that one should prescribed Kali carb in old cases  of gout with caution. When you get an old gouty subject who hs big toe joints and finger joints, andthey are sore and inflamed every now and then, you might think that Kali carb covers the case very suitably; he  is disturbed in just such weather, his complains come at 2 to 3 o clock in the morning, he has the shooting pains.  But these gouty patients are often incurable, and if so, to undertake to cure them would be a dreadful calamity, because the aggravations would last so long.  If you give Kali carb. to one of these incurable patients in very high potency, it will make your patient worse, and the aggravation will be serious and prolonged, but the 30th may be of great service. Kali iod. when it is indicated in the gouty state, acts as a soothing and palliate remedy. Do not undertake to give medicine with a view of curing these old cases of gout when the nodosities are numerous. Never use high potencies in old cases calling for Kali carb.


Then Kali Carb has pain from hip to knee, soles are very sensitive. Paralysis of old people and dropsical affections. Limbs go to seep easily. Tips of toes and fingers painful.


Skin: Great tendency to perspire during intellectual labour, or any physical exertion. Sweats all night without relief. Dropsy of whole skin of the body. -esp. of the old people. Burning as from a mustard plaster.


Sleep:  Drowsy after eating. Wakes about two o clock and cannot sleep again.


Modalities: Worse : Touch;   after coition; In cold weather;  From soup and coffee;

                                  In the mornings about three o'clock; Lying on painful side

                                  Week before menstruation.


                   Better:      In warm weather, though moist

                                   During day, while moving about.


Summary of Indications:  Pain syndromes-low backaches-menstrual disorders-bronchitis


Antidotes: Camphora officinarum; Coffea Cruda.





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