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Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum





(Hahnemann's Calcium Sulphide)


Source: Hepar sulphuris calcareum is an impure Sulphide of Calcium prepared by burning in a crucible the white interior of oyster shells with pure flowers of sulphur. Trituration.


Hepar Sulph is a polychrest remedy and commonly indicated in our day to day practice in the following ailments:-


Respiratory disorders-Chronic infections-Suppurative disorders.


Constitutional Taint:- Psoric.  Syphilitc. Sycotic.


Typical Subjects:- Especially adapted to scrofulous, psoric and lymphatic constitutions in which there is a tendency to have eruptions and glandular swellings. To syphilitc cases after drastic medication with the so called specific remedies. After abuse of mercury or other metals; iodine, iodide of potash, cod-lever oil, or quinine. Chronic malarial cases maltreated with calomel or quinine. Slow, torpid constituins with lax fibre and light hair.  "Blondes with sluggish character and weak muscles." Adapted to cases with a hisotry of suppression of scabies or other skin affections.

Notes and features:- ]

1. Oversensitiveness.  Great sensitiveness to all impressions.Oversensitive to touch, pain and cold air esp. dry cold air. . Extremely sensitiv to cold air(cannot bear to be uncovered; partial exposure to cold air, as in the case of a limb only brings on aggravation). . Feeling as if wind were blowing on some part. Fainting from pain, even slight pain. Inflamed parts feel sore and bruised.  Mentally oversensitive (sensitive to noise; in hastiness in speech).

2. Offensiveness: Offensive odor is exhaled from body. Characteristic odor of Hepar is that of old, rotton cheese.

3.Sourness: Child smells sour, in spite ofmuch washing. Sweat sour, offensive. Stool whitish, sour-smelling.

Splinter sensation: Sticking, picking pain in ulcers, sore throat, inflammation, boils, eruptions and pustules. Sticking in chancre; in felons; in curethra when urinating.

Sweating. :- Sweats day and nighnt without relief (Merc.S.) Sweats easily on every mental and physical exertion (Psor.Sep.).

"Halo" of pim,ples. :  Ulcers, herpes, affected eye, surrounded by indulataed spots.

Wheezing; Purring; Rattling. Such sound in asthma, chest affections, croup, etc. Weakness and much rattling in the chest.


Mind: The slighest cause irritates him. Ferocious as though one, could murder a man who offends him in cold blood. At times suicidal tendency. Anguish especially in evening. Quarrelsome, hard to get on with; nothing pleases; everybody  disturbs. Dejected and sad. Hasty speech.


Head: Vertigo  and headache, when shaking the head or riding. Boring pain in the right temple and in root of nose every morning. Scalp sensitive and sore. Humid scald head itching and buring. Cold sweat on head.

Eyes:- Ulcers on cornea. Iritis, with pus in anterior chamber; purulent conjunctivitis, with marked chemosis(oedema of conjuctiva, forming a bulging around the cornea); prrofuse discharge great sensitiveness to touch and air. Eyes and lids red and inflamed. Pain in the eyes, as if pulled back into the head. Boring pain in upper bones of the orbits. Eyeballs sore to touch. Objects appear red and too large. Vision obscured by reading, field reduced one half. Bright circles  before eyes. Hypopion(effusion or accumulation of purulent matter(pus) in the anterior chamber of the eye.).


Ears:- Scurfs on and behind the ears. Discharge of fetid pus from the ears. Whizzing and throbbing in the ears with hardness of hearing. Deafness after scarlet fever. Pustules in the auditory canal and auricle. Mastoiditis.


Nose:- Sore, ulcerated. Soreness of nostrils, with catarrhal troubles. Sneezes every time he goes into a cold, dry wind, with running from nose , later thick, offensive discharge. Stopped up every time he goes out into cold air. Smell like old cheese. Hay fever. (Hepar 1x will often start secretions and profuse drainage in stuffy colds).


Face:- Yellowish complexion. Middle of lower lip cracked. Vescicular erysipelas with pricking in parts. Neuralgia of right side,.extending in streak into temple, ear, alae and lip. Pains in bones of face, especially when being touched. Ulcers in corners of mouth. Shooting in jaw on opening jaw.


Mouth:- Ptyalism(Salivation). Gums and mouth painful to touch and bleed readily.

Throat:-When swallowing, sensation as if a plug and of splinter in throat. Quinsy, with impending suppuration.  Stitches in throat extending to the ear when swallowing. Hawking up of mucus.

Stomach:-Longing for acid things(Veratrum album), wine, and strong-tasting food. This is often the case in chronic dyspepsia and Hepar helps. This conditon of the stomach is sometimes found in marasmus of children. It is often accompanied by diarrrhoea which is also typical(sour)..Aversion to fat food. Frequent eructations, without taste or smell. Distention of stomach, compelling one to loosen the clothing. Burning in stomach. Heaviness and pressure in stomach after a slight meal.

Abdomen:-Stitching in region of liver when walking, coughing, breathing, or touching it (Bry.; Merc.) Hepatitis, hepatic abscess; abdomen distended, tense; chronic abdominal affections.


Stool:- Clay colored and soft. Sour, white undigeted, fetid. Loss of power to expel even a soft stool.

Urine: Voided slowly, without force-drops vertically, bladder weak.Seems as if some always remained. Greasy pellicle on urine. Bladder difficulties of old men.[Phos.; Sulphur; Copaiva].


Stool:-Clay colored and soft. Sour, white, undigested, fetid. Loss of power to expel even a soft stool..

Male:-Herpes, sensitive, bleed easily. Ulcers externally on prepuce similar to chancre (Nitric acid). Excitement and emission without amorous fancies. Itching of glans, frŠnum, and scrotum. Suppurating inguinal glands. Figwarts of offensive odor. Humid soreness on genitals and between scrotum and thigh. Obstinate gonorrhoa "does not get well".

Female:-Discharge of blood from uterus. Itching of pudenda and nipples, worse during menses. Menses late and scanty. Abscesses of labiŠ with great sensitiveness. Extremely offensive leucorrhoa. Smells like old cheese (Sanicula). Profuse perspiration at the climacteric(Tilia; Jaborandi)..

Respiratory:-Loses voice and coughs when exposed to dry, cold wind. Hoarseness, with loss of voice. Cough troublesome when walking. Dry, hoarse cough. Cough excited whenever any part of the body gets cold or uncovered, or from eating anything cold. Croup with loose, rattling cough; worse in morning.Choking cough.. Rattling, croaking cough; suffocative attacks; has to rise up and bend head backwards. Anxious, wheezing, moist breathing.Asthma worse in dry cold air; better in damp.In chronic ashtma, Hepar often resembles Natrum sulphuricum but there is this diagnostic difference, which is very valuable. The Hepar asthma is < in dry cold air and better in damp, while Natrum Sulph. is exactly the opposite , like Dulcamara. Dr. Nash says that there is no other remedy that he knows that has the amelioration so strongly in damp weather as Hepar Sulphur. Palpitation of heart.

Extremities:-Finger-joints swollen; tendency to easy dislocation. Nail of great toe painful on slight pressure.

Skin:-Abscesses; suppurating glands are very sensitive. Papules prone to suppurate and extend. Acne in youth. Suppurate with prickly pain. Easily bleed. Angio-neurotic odema.Unhealthy skin; every little injury suppurates.  Chapped skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet. Ulcers, with bloody suppuration, smelling like old cheese.Ulcers very sensitive  to contact, burning, stinging, easily bleeding. Sweats day and night without relief."Cold sores"very sensitive.. Cannot bear to be uncovered; wants to be wrapped up warmly. Sticking or pricking in afflicted parts. Putrid ulcers,surrounded by little pimples.. Great sensitiveness to slightest touch.Chronic and recurring urticaria.. Small-pox. Herpes circinatus. Constant offensive exhalation from the body.

Fever:-Chilly in open air or from slightest draught.. Dry heat at night.Profuse sweat. sour, sticky, offensive.

Modalities: Worse:, from dry cold winds; cool air; slightest draught, from Mercury, touch; lying on painful side.

Better, in damp weather, from wrapping head up, from warmth, after eating.

Relationship:-Antidotes:Belladonna; Cham; Sil..

Compare: Aconite; Spongia; Staphis; Silicea; Sulph; Calc. Sulph; Myristica. Hepar antidotes bad effects fromMercury, Iodine, Potash, Cod-liver oil. Removes the weakening effects of ether.

Dose:-First to 200th. The higher potencies may abort suppuration, the lower promote it. If it is necessary to hasten it, give 2x.




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