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HOMEOPATHY - Quiets Hyperactivity





Attention deficient  hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)  is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatirc disorder of children, afflictring about 3-5% in the U.S.and about the same amount in Canada. It is generally believed to be a physiological brain disorder with a genetic component. Children with ADHD  are impulsive, overactive, inattentive, poor learners, and are frequently disruptive,. Aggressive and uncontrollable.

 ADHS is treated medically with stimulant drugs such as Ritalin, or oral antihypertensives. While these medications are usually very effective, side effects are possibl, and most of these drugs are not given to children under age six for fear of toxicitay. 20% of ADHDchildrewn do not respond to the first stimulant drug tried, or he a negative reaction to it.


Clinicians using homeopathy for ADHD have reported good results, but objective evidence has been lacking. Now, a double blind, placebo-controlled study of 43 children with ADHD shows tht homeopathy can be effective in treating the disorder.


  In the study, children afflicted with ADHD were given either a homeopathic treatment or a placebo for 10 days, then parents or caregivers rated the children on the amount of ADHD behavior they displayed. Those receiving homeoopthic medicines showed significantly less ADHD behavior than those given placebos.


When evaluated in a follow up interview two months after the study's end, 57% of the children showing improvement with homeopathy had continued to improve, even though they had discontinued the homeopathic medicines; 24%relapsed by the time of the follow-up; and the remaining 19% continued to experience positive results, but only while taking the homeopathic medicines.


The homeopathic medicines found most helpful for ADHD were Stramonium, Cina and Hyoscyamus niger.


(i) Stramonium was specifically indicated when children had many fears, or  suffered  symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder;


(ii)  Cina benefited those children who were physically aggressive and


(iii) Hyoscyamus Niger benefitted  those children  whose ADHD was accompanied with manic or sexualized symptoms



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