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Carbo Vegetabilis







   It is a  comparatively inert substance made medicinal and powerful and converted into a great healing agent by way of potentisation . The old school uses it in tablespoon doses to correct  acidity of the stomach.  It is a deep and  long acting  anti-psoric medicine.  In its proving it develops symptoms that last a long time. It cures conditions that are of long standing that comes on slowly and insidiously .


Action:  It affects the vascular system especially the venous side of the economy- the heart and the whole venous system. The blood stagnates in the capillaries; venous turgescence, surface cold and blue.  Haemorrhages (nose,stomach, gums, bowels, bladder or any mucous surface) with indescribable paleness of the surface of the body.


In nut shell ,SLUGGISHNESS, LAZINESS, TURGESCENCE  are the words which comes in mind  frequently when examining the patho-genisis of   Carbo Veg.

The appearance of the patient is that their skin is dusky, face is purple. Anaemic especially after acute diseases which have greatly depleted the patient; chronic effects. MIND:-  The whole mental state like the physical is slow i.e. slow to think, sluggish, stupid, lazy.  Cannot whip himself into activity or rouse a desire to do anything.  Want to lie down and doze.   Indifference is a very prominent symptom like inability to pursue how to feel the impressions that circumstances ought to arouse.  His affections are practically bloated out so that nothing that is told to him seems to arouse or disturb  him. " Heard every thing without feeling pleasantly or unpleasantly and without thinking about it."   Horrible or pleasant things do not seem to effect his much. He does not quite know whether he loves his wife or children or not.  This is the part of the sluggishness,the inability to think and meditate , all of which is due to the turgescence. Though this symptom of Indifference is also there in china but in china this indifference is due to debility.



1.Running through the remedy there is burning . Internal burning  and  external coldness .

  Coldness , with feeble circulation, with feeble heart. Icy coldness .Hands & feet cold & dry ,or cold & moist. Knees cold ,nose cold, tongue cold etc,

2.Collapse with cold breath, cold tongue, cold face .(looks like a cadaver) .In all the condition of coldness the patient wants to be fanned.

3. In  weakly persons who give out ,with dyspnoea , coldness , copious sweat , exhaustion, collapse & cadaveric aspect, Carbo veg must be given.

4.Craving for coffee, acids . sweets & salt things.

5. Aversion to the most digestible things and the best of food. Aversion to meat & milk which causes flatulence.

6.Persons who have never recovered from the exhausting effects of some previous illness(typhoid, weak digestion, etc.) or  injury.  His vital force is nearly exhausted ; complete collapse. 


Head Sympoms:


The headaches are most occipital.  His whole head is turgid, full distended.  He feels as if the scalp was too tight .  Everything is bound up in the head.  The Carbo veg. Patient takes short breaths quietly, keeping just as still as possible, until  finally he is he is compelled to take a deep breath and it comes out with a sharp moan. Headaches come on every time he takes cold from cold damp weather; from going into a cold damp place and becoming chilled Many of these headaches are due to stopped catarrhal conditions.


The hair falls out by the handful.  School girls and boys, too, who are sluggish, slow to learn, and suffer from night errors; they will not sleep along, or go into a dark room without some with them.  They have headaches, < pressure of the hat. 


EYE SYMPTOMS :The eye symptoms are troublesome and they often occur along with the headache.  Burning pain in the eyes.  Eyes become lustreless, deepset, and the pupils do not react to light.  He feels sluggish mentally, and does not want to think.  Any mental exertion causes fatigue.  The eyes become weak from overwork for from fine work.


EAR  SYMPTOMS:  Carbo veg. Is one of the medkicines for discharges from the ears.  Old ear discharges, when the patient has never been quite well since she had the measles, or typhoid fever, or scarlet fever.


NOSE SYMPTOMS;-  One of the best medicines for Nosebleed.  Epistaxis in daily attacks, with pale

Face.  Varicose veins on nose.  Coryza < warm moist weather or overheated room with sneezing,chest complaints and catarrh which is sometimes accompanied with bleeding.


Mouth:  Bleeding of the gums; sensitiveness of the gums.  Seperation of the gums from the teeth.  The teeth get loose.They get spongy and bleed easily, and hence looseness of the teeth with bleeding of the gums.  Which are very sensitive.  Teeth decay rapidly.  Teeth and gum affections from abuse of Mercury. 


STOMACH SYMPTOMS  He has burning in the stomach, distension of the stomach, constant eructation,s flatulence, passing offensive flatus.  In reality he is in a foetid condition, a putrid condition.  He has heartburn, eructation, the stomach regurgitates the food that he takes All the food taken into the stomach seems to turn into flatus, he is always belching, and is slightly relieved for a while by belching. 

.Amelerioration from belching seems quite a natural event;but in case of  China, you  see that the patient appears to be aggravated by belching.   The idea is that the patient gets relief  from belching, from eructation, but under Lycopodium and china it seems that no relief comes.  The Carbo veg. Patient experiences a decided relief from eructation.  This is a particular symptom, but it becomes almost general .headaches are relieved by belching, rheumatic pains are relieved by belching; sufferings and distensions of various kinds are relieved by eructations.  Aversion to milk, meat and fat things.  The simplest food distresses.  Epigastric region is very sensitive.


ABDOMEN:-  The symptoms of the flatulence and fullness of stomach applies also to the abdomen.Abdomen greatly distended > passing wind. Flatulent colic. 


RECTUM AND STOOL:   Diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera, when there is a bloody, water stool..  Cholera infantum; stool mixed with much; watery mucus mixed with blod. The child sinks from exhaustion with coldness, pallor and cold sweat. With all diarrhoeic troubles, the prostration will indicate Carb veg. Bluish , burning piles, pain after stool .


MALE:  The male organs hang down.  Relaxation of the genitalia; cold and sweating genitals.  The fluid escapes involuntarily. 


FEMALE:  In the women the relaxation is manifested by a dragging  down sensation, dragging down of the uterus, as if the internal parts would escape. Premature and too copious menses it is like oozing.  The menstrual flow will ooze from one period almost to another.  The blood is putrid and dark, even black, with small clots .   Metrorrhagia from uterine atony.


RESPIRATORY:  Asthma of the aged with blue skin.  The Carbo veg patient suffers very much from difficulties of breathing.  Suffocation; cannot lie down.  A feeling of weakness in the chest as if he could not get another breath.  Sometimes it is due to cardiac weakness.  And sometimes to stuffing up of the chest.  The latter is most common.  Something the difficulty is asthmatic.  The remedy cures asthma.  We will see the patient propped up in a chair byu a open window., or some members of the family may be fanning him as fast as possible.  The face is cold, nose pinched extremities cold and he is as pale as death. 


Sometimes you will find wheezing and rattling of mucous.  Occasional spells of long  coughing attacks. Cough with burning in the chest< in the evening.  Spasmodic cough , bluish face, offensive expectoration, neglected pneumonia.



Lack of muscular energy; Joints week.  Pains in the shins.  Cramps in soles; feet numb and sweaty.  Cold from knees down .Heavy stiff, feel paralyzed., limbs go to sleep.


FEVER:-The fever is violent; it has a violent rigor or chill.  During the chill he is cold, but there is one strange feature, he wants cold water during the chill, and when the fever comes on he has no thirst.  That is strange ;it is uncommon.Low forms of fever like yellow fever, and a very low type of typhus and typhoid fevers.  After the fever has somewhat subsided he has prolonged cold spells with lack of reaction.  He does not seem to rally, but he is cold, his knees are cold, his breath is cold, cold sweat, a sort of paralytic weakness.  Cadaveric aspect of the face. Cyanotic face. 




Varicose ulcers, Bed sores. Skin is blue, cold and ecchymosis.. Itching is worse in the evening


Modalities:  Worse evenings ,night and open air; cold ,from fat food, butter, coffee, milk warm damp weather, wine.  Better from eructation, from fanning, cold .



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