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Calcarea Carbonica






Common Name:Carbonate of Lime(Calcium Carbonate)

Source :    Middle layer of Oyster Shell


Description:  It is  Dr. hahnemann's pure anti-psoric  medicine and its sphere is broad and deep.  It is a wonderful Constitutional medicine and  it has got affinity for  certain class of people or temperament.

H.C.ALLEN describes in his key notes that Calcarea Carb is adapted to Leucophlegmatic(Dropsical diathesis, lax fibres) blond hair, light complexion, blue eyes, fair skin; tendency to obesity in youth.  Psoric constitutions; pale, weak timid, easily tired when walking. Disposed to grow fat, corpulent(obese)  unwieldly.  Children with red face, flabby muscles who sweat easily and take cold readily in consequence. Large heads and  abdomens; fontanelles and sutures open; bones; soft , develop very slowly.  Curvature of

Bones, especially spine  and long bones; extremities crooked, deformed; bone irregularly developed.  Head sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting pillow far around (Sil.,Sanicu.) . Profuse perspiration, mostly on back of head and neck, or chest and upper part of body (Sil). Difficult and delayed dentition with characteristic head sweats, and open fontanelles.  Great longing for eggs; craves indigestible things (Alum.)aversion to meat. Girls who are fleshy, plethoric, and grow too rapidly.Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting, with subsequent amenorrhoea and chlorosis with menses scant or suppresssed.  Women :menses too eaarly, too profuse, feet habitually cold and damp, as if they had on cold damp stockings, continually cold in bed. Diseases arising from defective assimilation; imperfect ossification, difficulty in learning to walk or stand, children have no disposition to walk and will not try; Great liability to take cold(opposite to sulph).

Kent says that Calcarea corresponds in a high digree to the cholorotic and anemic, pale and waxy; and  in spite of this plump, it has both fat, flabby and pale patients, and it has emaciated states too.  Muscles emaciate.  Emaciated about the neck and from there downwards.  Anaemic conditions, pale waxy, sickly pale lips pale ears; pale fingers; pale and yellowish.  Cholorosis is a word especially relating to the anaemia of girls.


Mental symptoms:


All the mind symptoms represent Calcarea as in a state of great weakness; inability to prolong mental operation.  Becomes very tired from mental work.  Full of anxiety.  He is tired mentally, and tired physically, from mental work and breaks down in a sweat, and becomes excited and irritable and disturbed.  Great disturbance of  emotions; complaints lasting for days and weeks from excitement of emotions; from worrying, from vexation or a general emotional disturbance is  prostrated.  He things that he is becoming insane or weak minded and he start thinking that people look at him suspiciously, and he looks at them suspiciously, and he wonders why they do not say something to him about. He begins to related to his friends how he feels they all naturally say to him, 'Why don't you put that aside; that doesn't amount to anything," but to him it is a big thing, and he cannot put it aside; all these little things combine to convince him that he is going crazy. He starts talking to himself .Imagines some one is waling beside her.

He is full of fear. Weary of life; hopelessness anxiety. Anxiety with palpitation. Apprehensive< towards evening. Fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases.  Forgetful, confused low spirited.  Obstinancy, slight mental effort produces hot head.  Averse to work or exertion.


Head Symptoms:

One of the most striking symptoms of the head of the Calcarea patient is the sweat; the sweat of the head upon the slightest exertion.  He will sweat on the face when he sweats nowhere else, and his head is covered with cold sweat when he is comfortable in other places  about the body.  The same thing is true about the feet.  When his feet become very cold they will sweat.  When they are warm they will sweat.  You  would naturally think that a person going into a cold room would stop sweating.


,but sometimes a Calcarea Carb patient will break out in a sweat upon the head and upon the feet, in a cold room .He sweats upon the forehead, so that every draft of air  makes him chilly, and this brings headache.


Coldness of the whole scalp, so he has to wrap up the head.  Yet during  congestion, the head is hot. So it has at times great heat in the head.  The Calcarea headaches are stupefying, they are benumbing; they bring on confusion of mind.


Eyes Symptoms:

Eyes troubles from exposure of the feet in water, from riding in the wind, from cold, damp weather . Calcarea has cured Cataract. It has other disturbances of the eyes, in connection head troubles, in connection with fevers, and when he is out of sorts from great exertion; he so easily into fidgety state., confusion of mind that is almost a delirium and on closing the eyes he sees the most horrible visions, spectres, ghosts.His vision becomes weak due to weakness of eyes muscles. Eyes symptoms < reading from looking steadilly at one thing.  It is wonderful remedy for eye-strain (onosmodium).Spots and ulcers on cornea.Lachrymal ducts closed due to exposure to cold; Chronic dialatation  of pupils.



 It produces thick yellow discharge from ears(Ottorohea).  Cold, chilly, weather brings on ear trouble, quite likely from becoming cold or chilled, from an exposure, or from a sudden of cold damp weather he has additional complaints in the ears. Deafness from working in water.



Dry nostrils sore, ulcerated.  Stoppage of nose, also with fetid, yellow discharge.Kent says, It has cured a great many times polypi of the nose.  The homeopaathic physician, trusting so much to his symptoms, knows so well the remedy after studying  the case, that he very likely will prescribe for the patient on the symptoms alone.  He say: The patient needs Calcarea, there is no doubt about it.  He prescribes for him and sends him away.  After three or four weeks the patient comes back with a gelatinous looking though thing on handkerchief, and says:"Doctor, look there at what came out of my nose.  Do you suppose your medicine had anything to do with that?  Perhaps you did not know he had polypus, it does not make any difference, your prescription cannot be any different if   he has polypi in the nose, and you do not know it is there; you cannot byt any process of torsion remove it before you prescribe, so you will have to leave that torsion to those that do not know about Homeopathy.Takes cold at every change of weather.



Pale with deep-seated eyes surrounded by dark rings.  Crustea lactea(seborrhea of the head in  infants) Itching, burning after washing.Painful swelling of the Parotid glands.  Swelling of upper lip.



Persistent sour taste. Mouth fills with sour water.  Dryness of tongue at night. Teeth ache excited by current of air, anything cold or hot.  Offensive smell from mouth. Difficult and delayed dentition.



Calcarea Carb is a medicine for chronic sore throats. It may in the beginning be a Belladonna  throat, which is quite likely, but before he gets over it has taken another cold so easily, he takes cold from every draft from every exposure . Perhaps it has been relieved two or three times with Bell, and then it settles down into a chronic state extends all over. Difficulty in swallowing ; dry choking feeling. Swelling of tonsils and sub maxillaary glands.  Parotid fistula. Goitre




The stomach  in Calcarea is slow in its action. "food taken into the stomach remains."  It does not digest.  It turns sour.  "Sour vomitting." , Milk disagrees ; the digestion is also slow , feeble.  He has a feeling of tumefaction and fullness enlargement after eating; and everything sours ain the stomach. Calcarea patient has a very strong longing for eggs.Little children crave eggs ; at every meal they will eat eggs, and eggs will digst better than anything else.  Aversion to meat, boiled things; craving  for indigestible things-chalk, coal, pencils etc. Loss of appetite when overworked.  Heart burn and loud belching.  Thirst , longing for cold drinks.  Repugnance to hot food. Swelling over pit of stomach, like a saucer turned bottom up.  In infants living on milk, the milk passes in an undigested form, the stool is so sour that it is pungent. It excoriates the parts and keeps the nates raw in infants where the diaper comes in contact with the parts



Bloated up,it becomes sensitive to slightest pressure. Liver region is painful when stooping.  Inguinal and mesenteric glands swollen and painful.Gall stone colic.  Umblical hernia.



It is one of the most useful medicines in old, lingering, stubborn cases of constipation.  When there is only a moderate diarrhoea the stool  is white; and when this constipation is present, this stool is white, or like chalk.  In infants taking milk you can account for the white or pale stool, because of the milk; but when the patient does not live on milk and lives on ordinary substances, the stool becomes bileless and is very light colored; is yellow or white and in the constipation often the stool is very light colored and hard. Children's diarhoea. Diarrhoea of undigested, food, fetid , with ravenous appetite. Constipation ; stool at first hard, then pasty then liquid.



Irritable bladder.  Enuresis . Renal calculii - urine dark, brown, sour, fetid abundant, with white sediment, bloody.


Male :

The Calcarea patient is weak sexually, with general relaxation and weakness.  Frequent emissions.  Increased desire.  Coition followed by weakness and irritability.



Kent says that you need not be surprised, when you hear all of the constitutional weaknesses, that that it is common thing for Calcarea women to be sterile.  So tired so relaxed ; wholly unfit for reproduction.  And the same as in the male, she suffers from lassitude, parts feel relaxed.  The urterus drags down.  Sensation as if parts would be forced out.  State of general weakness and general relaxation of the sexual organs of both male and female. Menses too soon, lasting too long, and profuse with cold damp feet. Uterine polypi



Ticking cough troublesome at night, dry and free expectoration in morning; The expectoration is salty or  sweetish very often , like Phosph. And Stannum.  White yellow thick. cough when playing piano, or by eating. Cough with breathlessness; Chest very sensitive to  touch, percussion, or pressure. 



Palpitation aat night after eating.  Palpitation with feeling of coldness, with restless oppression of chest; after suppressed eruption.


Extremeties.:  In the extremeties we have all the rheumatic conditions that it is possible to describe.  Fouty affections of the joints, with enlarged joints,; gouty conditions, especially of the small joints, of the toe and finger.  Rheumatic complaints of the joints from every exposure from every change of weather to cold, especially if it is cold and damp.  The feet are always cold or cold and damp, except at night in bed after piling clothing upon the warm, and then they often go to the other extreme and burn; and so they but at night in bed .Stiff on beginning to move, stiff at night on rising from a seat.  Stiffness in all joints on beginning to move. Calcarea  patient always suffers from coldness stiffness, rheumatism, has rheumatism in every cold change in the weather.



The sleep is greatly disturbed.  Late going to sleep, sometimes not till 2, 3, 4 o'clock.  Full of ideas; when closing the eyes horrible visions.  Grinding the teeth.  A child in sleep, chews and swallows and grinds the teeth. Sleeplessness a good part of the night.  Cold feet at night in bed.



Chill at 2 p.m. begins internally in stomach region.  Fever with sweat. Pulse full and frequent.Chilliness and heat; Sweat over head in children, so that pillow becomes wet.



Nettle rash; better in cold air.  Warts on face and hands. Petechiel eruptions,



RELATIONS:-Complementary: to belladonna, which is the acute of Calc. Calcarea acts best before Lycopodium, Nux, Phos.Sil.  It follows Nit. Ac., Puls, Sulph(especially if pupils are dilated); is followed by Kali bi in nasal catarrh.  According to Hahnemann , Calc. Must not be used before Nit. Ac. And Sulph; may produce unnecessary complications .  In children it may be often repeated.  In aged people should not be repeated. Especially if the first dose benefited, it will usually do harm.



Summary of Indications:- Rickets - constipation - menstrual disorders - constitutional disorders.



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