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Baryta Carbonica






Source:- Carbonate of Baryta(Barium)


Introduction:-  It is a constitutional remedy. A medicine of par excellence used extensively in our day to day practice especially for disorders of childhood and of old age. It is commonly indicated in the following ailments:




Constitutional taint: Sycosis.


Typical Subjects:- Infant and old people. Old peoplewho have rattling in trachea. Childish old people. Scrofulous dwarfish children who do not grow and ae slow in larning to walk, slow and inattentive to their studies. Chidren who ae averse to strangers and who do not want to play. Children with deficient memory who cannot remember and learn.


ConstitutionDr. Kent says ,"Baryta Carb looks towards the developmetn of the young. You will see in the text commonly expressed under this mediine,"dwarfishness". That doaes not always mean small in sture as it is spoken of in this remdy. Dwarfishness in body and mind; mental dwarfnishness, and dwarfishness of organs. You realize whata precocity means; young persons who are unusally brilliant; well advancaed mentally. We say they are beyond their years. They are precocious. Get this in mind first, and think what it means; and then in the Baryta carb. constitution we he the very opposite state.  That is wath we mean by dwarfishness; Children are late coming into usefulness; or activity; late with their studies; late in learning to talk,; late learning to read; late to make th combinations that enter into life; late learning to take in images, and form perceptions; to take on their activities; to do their work. We  say sometimes that Calc. Carb is late in learning to walk, but Baryta Carb. is also late learning to walk, although it has entirely different cause. To express it in a common, old fashioned way, Baryta Carb is late learning how to walk, even with pretty goods. Calc has miserable, weaklyl limbs, flabby muscles, poor bones, and hence he is late learning to walk. "Late walking" is Calc. "late learning to walk " is Baryta Carb. It copetes also with Borax and Natrum Mur. All three of these medicines have a peculiar kind of tardiness in the development of the brain, so that they are late learning to do things; late in developing. But Baryta carb. leads them all in this late coming into the activies and uses of life."


Dr. Kent further  eloborates about the Baryta carb subjects:-"You will have patients to treat, where this slow development manifests itself in girls 18 to 25 years of age, who do the things they did when they were children, and say things as they said them when they were children." Childish manner of doings things, and childish Behavior. Playing with dolls and saying foolish things. They have not come to womanhood. They are late in taking on the activities and uses of the woman. They lack the prudenc of the woman. They have not  become circumspect, and say things just as a boy or just as a little girl would say them.. That is the dwarfishness of the mind. To appreciaate tht late developmetn, and to see remedies as Graph. Sulph. and Calc. , but nothing compared to this remedy,. .  This seems to suspend the development tht makes the child into a man or a woman. It is not  a small person, that makes me think of Baryta carb, but the dwarfishness tht is mental, and that is of organs. Organs the become paralyzed or one organ does not develop. It stops, and the others go on. That would make me think of this remdy.

Now the above constitution was pointing to the childhood state. When a child has almost any disease, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, or even a bad cold, or a  malarial attack, the development ceases and dwarfishness results, a state in which he was not born, but a state tht he has acquired, arrest of development. It brings on emaciation and dwindling of the whole body, except the abdomen, which gradually enlarges. These are phases not to be overlooked in the very beginning because the symptoms only help to establishg this basis and these troubles and tissue changes come on as ultimates.


Another grand feature in this remedy is the application of these things to more advanced years.We say this is a childhood state, this the state of youth and arrested development. Now it does not matter whether have this arrested development in youth, in childhood, or at the advanced age of fifty. From some strange circumstance which we are not able to fathom we say the individual is taking on the appearance of old age. We call it premature old age. Baryta carb has curead lingering complaints that have resulted from malaria, ovearwork, mental or physical, prolonged mental strain when the appearance of

premature old age was a promineant feature. Old age creeps upon him too soon. There is but little difference between childhood and old age, and hence old age is called second

childhood; but we always regret to see a amn under seventy becoming childish, and yet we do see may becoming simple and childish. It does not mean merely imbecility, but childlike behavior. Doing and saying things like a child. So in premature old age these symptoms lead us to think of Baryta Carb. It is also especially adapted to apoplexy of old people, or a tendency thereto. For loss of memory in such subjects. For loss of memory in such subjects it stands equal to Anacardium. Now we see that if all this true, Baryta carb. becomes a valuable remedy at both ends of life.


Notes and features:-


Afffinity for glands:- Swelling and induration of glands. Inflammation of parotid and submaxillary glands. Glands around ears painful and swollen. Tonsilitis excited by every cold. Tonsils tend to suppurte, especially right.



Paralytic conditions:-Paralytic state runs all through the remedy. Both mind and body paralyzed. Mind thus affected gives rise to stupidity, torpidity, deficient memory. Such physical state is expressed by :Trembling of hands when writing. Trembling of foot when standing; and tottering when walking, Paralysis of tongue. Paralytic aphonia "Low, deep voice". Voice may be entirely lost. Impotence; relaxed penis; premature emission; diminition of sexual desire. All these symptoms indicate a paralytic conditon of sexual organs.


Soreness:- Soreness in stomach. Rawness, soreness in oesophagus felt as the food passes. Sensation of soreness in chest. "Soreness and moistening between scrotum and things."


MIND: :- Lachrymose disposition. Repugnance to strangers or to society. Child does

not want to play. Irresolute, suspicious temper, weak-minded, fear and cowardice.

Great weakness of memory. Mental impairment as a result of masturbation. Senile dementia. Bashful.. Childish; grief over trifles.


Head:- Vertigo; stitches, when standing in the sun, extending through head. Brain feels as if loose. Hair falls out- Baldness in young people. Losing of hair from crown of head. Confusion. Wens. The Barayta carb general state is < from cold he is sensitive to cold, and his complaints come on from becoming cold but his headaches ae > in cold aira. The Baryta carb. patient is often sensitive to the extremes of heat and cold. Hot weather will bring on complaints. Hot weakther will cause the blood to mount to the head, and favors apoplectic conditons. It has many complaints of the head like unto the supor of apoplexy. It has some of the paralytic conditions analogous to the complaints in old apoplectics and it has been very useful in re-establishing the supply and flow of nerve force along with nerves. It parallels Phos., and is an excellent remedy for old paralytic conditions that have come from a rupture of a blood vessel and therefore pressure upon the nerve supply.The headaches are congestive, pressive headaches, a feeling of pressure in the brain.


Eyes:- Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils. Photophobia. Gauze before eyes. Cataracts (Calcarea; Phos; Sil.)


Ears:- Hardness of hearing.Crackling noise; Glands around ears painful and swollen Reverberation on blowing nose.


Nose:- Dry; sneezing;coryza with swelling of upper lip and nose. Sensation of smoke in nose. Discharge of thick, yellow mucus. Frequent bleeding. Scabs around wings of nose.


Face:- Pale, puffed; sensation as of cobweb(Alumina) Upper lip swollen.


Mouth:- Awakes with dry mouth. Gums bleed and retract. Teeth ache before menses. Mouth filled with inflamed vesicles, foul taste. Paralysis of tongue. Smarting, burning pain in tip of tongue. Dribbling of saliva at dawn. Spasm of osophagus when food enters.


Throat Submaxillary glands and tonsils swollen.Takes cold easily, with stitches and smating pain. Qunisy. Suppurating tonsils from every cold.  Tonsils inflamed, with swollen veins. Smarting pain when swallowing; worse empty swallowing. Feeling of a plug in pharynx. Can only swallow liquids. Spasm of osophagus as soon as food enters osophagus, causes gagging and choking (Merc.Cor; Graphit.). Throat troubles from over use of voice. Stinging pain in tonsils, pharynx or larynx.


Dr.Blackie gives a special note of this remedy in her book "Classical homeoopathy"regarding throat symptoms: ":-  Baryta Carb is often used as a throat

remedy. She says that she has never seen a patient needing Baaryta Carb without glands in theneck. They always have swollen glands and foten have chronically enlarged tonsils.  Patient reports repeated attacks of throat infection, particularly after getting feet wet. Rawness or scraped feeling in throat with shooting pains on swallowing.. Feeling of plug in throat. Chokes on solids and is much worse for empty swallowing. Swallows fluids easily. Hypersalivation. Small blisters on tongue. Hoarseness. Chronic enlargement of cervical glands cervical glands and tonsils. Foul taste in mouth. Soft, chilly, pale, flabby, bloated patient. Has little stamina. Wants to be covered. Sometimes has swollen upper lip. Marked offensive foot sweat. Cracking noises in ears, worse for chewing and better for lyhing. Parotitis which is worse for cold.

Dr. Blackie further says tht "Sometimes when you have given Baryta Carb 10M to these paitnes and they have done well on it, they still come back in six weeks with another throat. They get depressed and you do not know what to do ,so you repeat the baryta Carb, thinking that his is about as long as it lasts, but this time it has no efffect. In that case, put in a few doses of Psorinum 10M. It can be of the greatest value in a recurring Baryta Carb. throat that suddenly stops responding.


Stomach:- Waterbrash, hiccough, and eructation, which relieves pressure as of a stone. Hungry, but refuses food. Pain and weight immediately after a meal, with epigastric

tenderness (Kali Carb.) Worse after warm food. Gastric weakness in the aged with possible malignancy present.


Abdomen:- Hard and tense, distended. Colicky. Enlarged mesenteric glands. Pain in abdomen swallowing food. Habitual colic, with hunger, but food is refused.


Rectum:- Constipation, with hard, knotty stools. Hæmorrhoids protrude on urinating. Crawling in rectum. Oozing at anus.


Urinary:- Every time patient urinates, his piles come down. Urging to urinate. Burning in urethra on urinating.


Male:- Of the male sexual organs we have some strange fetures. This medicine takes away all sexual desire and ability, leaving the genitals relaxed and in a state of

impotency. "Relaxed penis. Impotence. Diminished sexual desire. Hypertrophied prostrate. Atrophied testicles.or . Testicles indurated.". Numbness of genitals. It cures old gleety discharge from the urethra.


Female:- The female has many troubles . Sterility. Dwinding of the ovary/mammary glands, and yet the lymphatic become enlaged and infiltrated. A passive leucorrhoea discharge whitish, thick, persistent, often copious worse about a week before the menstrual period. Before menses, pain in stomach and small of back. Menses scanty.


Respiratory:- There is a cough in baryta carb where he coughs and coughs, and gets no relief until he lies on the abdomen; and so long as he lis on the abdomen he is fee from cough. .Dry, suffocative cough, especially in old people, full of mucus but lacking strength to expectorate, worse every change of weather (Senega). Larynx feels as if smoke were inhaled. Chronic aphonia. Stitches in chest; worse inspiration. Lungs feel full smoke.


Heart:- Palpitation and distress in region of heart. Aneurism (Lycop.) . Accelerates the heart's action at first, blood pressure much increased, contraction of blood vessels.

Palpitation when lying on left side, when thinking of it especially; pulse full and hard. Cardiac symptoms after suppressed foot-sweat.


Back:- Swollen glands in nape of occiput. Fatty tumors about neck. Bruised pain between scapulæ. Stiffness in sacrum. Weakness of spine.


Extremities:- Pain in axillary glands. Cold, clammy feet (Calc) Fetid foot sweats. Numbness of limbs. Numb feeling from knees to scrotum; disappears when sitting down. Toes and soles sore; soles painful when walking. Pain in joints; burning pains in lower limbs.Rheumatic stiffness and aching of the whole body in damp weather.


Sleep:- Talking in sleep; awakens frequently; feels too hot. Twitching during sleep.


Skin:- Skin injuries heal with difficulty. Warts. Excoriation and oozing in several parts of the skin. Peeing off of the skinof the back of the hand, and of the tops of the fingers.


Modalities:- Worse: The patient is chilly;:is sensitive to cold, esp. to damp cold, wants to be wrapped up. Great tendency to catch cold, which excites inflammation of throat,

0swelling of tonsils. He is worse after eating, so weak that he cannot raise his arms; too weak to masticate.. <while thinking of symptoms; from washing; lying on painful side. Betterfrom cold food. Walking in open air.


Relationship:- Useful before or after Psorinum, Sulphur and Tuberculinum.

Similar to Alumina.


Compare: Digitalis; Radium; Aragallus; Oxytrop; Astrag. .


Complementary: Dulc.; Silica; Psorin. . Incompatible:Calcarea arsenica.


Antidotes: Anti. Tart; Belladonna; Camphora; Dulcamara ; Zincum met;


Dose:- Third to thirtieth potency, the latter to remove the predisposition to quinsy. Baryta is slow in action, bears repetition.




A CASE OF BARYTA CARB. from Dr. Blackie's book on Classical Homeopathy.


This is a case of a boy, first seen in June at the age of one year. He ws the first born of twins after a veary bad confinement. He had convulsions when he was three days old and again later. When I fist saw him he could not sit, hold anything or hold his head up. He had never been able to take any solid food, as it seemed impossible for him to swallow. He could not be taught to bt in his habits  and was apparaently blind. He was sent to the eye department and the report was that he had double optic atrophy. He was given Baryta Carb.10M. In September, four months later, he could sit alone and keep his head up, but other wias much the same. In November he was not well; he was actually choking over his food and would not tackle solids and he had thick

mucus in his nose. I gave him Kali Carb 30c and in December, had had started to take a little sold food. In December I have Syphillinum 10 M and did not see him again

until February. He had then just got over flue, and was skind and bone. He could not sit or hold up, or swallow, and I have him Baryta Carb CM. He was much better after that, and in spite of setbacks from colds and an acute attack of diarrhoea in the spring, he was standing, eating quite well, walking a few steps with help, and learning to be clean in his habits.


In October to my great surprise, he picked something up off the floor in out-patinets, although I had always regarded his eyesight as more less absent until then. He also walked quite well with someone holding his hand, but waked sideways.


In January the following year he was better still, and at jut three years of age could feed himself, and stand and walk anywhere holding someone's hand. He could also see a certain amount.


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