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Arsenicum Album






Introduction:- Arsenic is a highly poisonous metallic element that can be found in some amount in a wide variety of sources, including pesticides, laundry aids, tobacco smoke, bone meal, kelp, table salt, seafood and even drinking water.  When indigested inorganic arsenic is deposited in hair, skin and nails. Once it makes is way into the hair follicles, its presence can be detected in the hair shaft for years.

Headaches, confusion, drowsiness,  convulsions and changes in finger nail pigmentation may occur with chronic Arsenic poisoning. Symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning  include vomiting, diarrhoea, bloody urine, muscle cramps and/or weakness, fatigue, hair loss, dermatitis, gastro-intestinal pain, and convulsions. Arsenic poisoning primarily affects lungs, skin, kidneys, and liver. The accumulation of toxic affects of Arsenic can result in coma and death.

Exposure to arsenic has been implicated in the development of certain types of cancer, as well. Workers involved in pesticide production, copper smelting, making and spraying insecticides, mining, metallurgical industries are at high risk  for skin cancer, scrotal cancer, a type of liver cancer, cancer of lymphatic systems and lung cancer due to arsenic exposure.  The toxic effects of arsenic are cumulataive.

  HOMEOPATHICALLY, from the time of Hahnemann to the present day Arsenicum has been one of the most  extensively used in the following conditions:-

Anxiety -- gastrointestinal disorders - bronchial asthma-Coryza- skin disorders(especially when there is hyper or hypo-pigmentation) including eczema.

 In the old school, it is most extensively used, in the form of Fowler's solution - a solution made from Arsenic given in malarial fever or chorea.

 Arsenic Album is one of the polycrest remedies in Homeopathy. It effects every part of man; it seems to exaggerate or depress almost all his faculties, to excite or disturb all his functions. When all our medicines have been as well proved, we will effect wonderful cures. It is a substance easily proved because of its active general nature. While Arsenic impresses the whole economy and disturbs all the functions and tissues of man, there are certain prevailing and striking features in it-- ANXIETY, RESTLESSNESS, PROSTRATION, BURNING and Cadaver odours, which are prominent characteristics.

Dr. Nash says, " No remedy is more restless than this one. The Aconite restlessness comes in the earlier stages of inflammatory diseases, with fever of a high grade. Arsenicum, in the later stages, after the patient has become greatly reduced in strength, or in low grades of fever like typhoids. The Aconite patient tosses to and fro in agony and fear. The Arsenic patient is too weak to toss as the anguish and restlessness would incline him to. He cannot move himself around as he desires, but wants to be moved from place to place, or bed to bed, while the least exertion on his own part exhausts terribly. Mentally restless but physically too weak to move. He has fear of death, but not like the Aconite fear, but rather an anxiety and a feeling that it is useless to take medicine for he is going to die, he is incurable. Dr Kent describes him as follows:

"While lying in bed, at first he move his whole body, moves himself in bed and out of bed, but the prostration becomes so marked that he is able to move only his limbs until at last he becomes so weak that is no longer able to move and he lies in perfect quite , in extreme prostration. It seems that prostration takes the place of anxiety and restlessness; and he appears like a cadaver. So remember that these states of  anxiety and restlessness go towards the cadaveric aspect towards death. This is seen, for instance, in the Typhoid where Arsenicum is indicated. At first there is that anxious restlessness with fear, but the increasing weakness tends towards prostration.

    Arsenic leads all the remedies for burning sensation, especially in acute diseases. It is not by any means confined to acute diseases, but often found in chronic affections, especially of a malignant character or tendency to malignancy. I think perhaps, Sulphur outranks it generally for burning  in chronic affections. There is hardly an organ or tissue in the human system where these burning of Arsenic are not found. This burning, strange as it may seem is generally ameliorated by heat. Hot applications if they can be got from contact with the part, also heat of a warm stove or warm room. This is the exact opposite of Secale Cor. For while the part is objectively cold, it still burns, but hot applications are intolerable, they cannot even bear to have it covered., but with Arsenicum, in the throat complaints, in connection with acute catarrh. An increased secretion of mucus from the membranes of the nose, fauces, and bronchi with fever and attended sneezing, cough, thirst, lassitude and want of appetite. Two types : Catarrh a frigore  (cold in the head) and catarrh, a contagion (the flue )  the burnings in the throat and from the excoriating nasal discharge are ameliorated by hot application. The burning in throat is better from eating or drinking hot drinks. This is the chief modality which enables us to choose between this remedy and CEPA and MERCURIOUS, for all 3 have fluent coryza. Dr. Nash says, that he once had a case of Gastralgia  (stomach pain and discomfort) caused by suppression of eczema on the hands. He knew nothing of the suppression , but prescribed Arsenicum because the pains came on at midnight lasting until 3 am during which time the patient had to walk on the floor in agony, and there was great burning  in the stomach.  She had but one slight attack after taking Arsenicum, but said she, when Dr. Nash visited  her, Doctor, would that remedy send out Eczema? Then it was found about the suppression of which had been caused by the application of the ointment, and told her that she could have back the pain in the stomach any time she wanted it, by suppressing the eruption again she did not want it.

This is an exception  in the Burning of Arsenic, the head symptoms are always better by cold applications/bathing e.g. Burning in brain>washing his head with cold water when the headacahe of congestive character, with sensation of heat and burning inside the head> cold applications, it is Arsenic Alb.

Fever. : Arsenicum is one of our best remedies for fevers of a typhoid character.  But not too early indicated; often after Rhus Tox . Also indicated in the fever of intermittent type/hay fever with afternoon chill 3-4 pm and after mid night chill 1 pm.. During Chill,

thirst for hot drinks, hot teas etc. During the fever, the thirst increases because he has dry mouth, and he drinks little very often. Water does not quench his thirst, for he wants but a teaspoonful of water, little and often . This runs on into the sweat with prostration, increased coldness, unquenchable thirst for cold drinks

Nose: Thin watery, excoriating discharge. Nose feels stopped up. Sneezing without relief. Hay fever with coryza < open air, > indoors.

G.I.T.          Arsenic Album profoundly affects the alimentary canal from lips to anus. The lips are so dry and parched and cracked  that the patient often licks them to moisten them. The tongue is effected in various ways. It may be dry and red with raised papillae, or red with indented edges, brown or black especially in typhoid. The mouth is dry or aphothous, ulcerated or gangerenous. The throat is same Thirst for small quantities of water. The stomach is so irritable that the lest food or drink causes distress and pain, or immediately excites vomiting, or stool or both together. Cold drinks, ice-water, or ice-cream particularly disagree and create distress. Vomits all kinds and grade of substance from water or mucus to bile, blood, and coffee ground substance.

            The pains in stomach are terrible and < by the least food or drink especially, if cold. Burning in the abdomen> heat and also though not invariably the midnight aggravation.   He cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Craves acids and coffee  but gets dyspepsia from acids/vinegar, ice cream, tobacco.

RESPIRATORY:- Arsenic Album is particularly efficacious in many affections of the lungs, where breathing is much oppressed. Respiration is wheezing with cough and frothy expectoration. Patient cannot lie down, must sit up  to breathe. It is especially useful in Asthmatic affections caused or < by suppressed eruptions, like chronic lung trouble from suppressed eczema.

            Dr. Nash says that there was a case of asthma of years standing where he found that her attacks always come at 1 A.M. Gave Ars. Alb. 30c . She was completely cured of it.

            The other most characteristic of Ars. Alb. in pneumonia of old people is that there is a darting pain through upper third of right lung.


STOOL:- Smell Offensive, dark with much prostration. < night, and after eating and drinks, from chilling, stomach, alcohol abuse, spoiled meat. Dysentery dark, bloody, very offensive. Body cold as ice.

SKIN:  Itching burning, swelling, oedema, eruptions, popular, dry, rough, scaly, <cold and scratching. Psoriasis.

MODALITIES: <Warm, wet weather, after midnight; from cold, cold drinks, or food. Seashore, Right side> heat, from head elevated, warm drinks.

Dose: 3 to 30th potency. The very highest potencies often yield brilliant results.



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