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Aloes Socotrina




Source:- Socotrine Aloes.

It is one of the important remedies which we prescribe in our  routine practice for the following ailments:-

CHRONIC AND ACUTE DIRRHOEAS- including Amoebiasis -


Action: An excellent remedy to aid in re-establishing physiological equilibrium after much dosing, where disease and drug symptoms are much mixed. There is no remedy richer in symptoms of portal congestion and none that has given better clinical results, both for the primary pathological condition and secondary phenomena. Bad effects from sedentary life or habits

Constitutional Taint:- Psora. "Aloe has the anti-psoric property of throwing out internal complaints to the skin." "It is undoubtedly a deeply acting anti-psoric remedy and of great value in chronic diarrhoea." "Has been used successfully in the treatment of consumption by giving the pure juice."

Typical subjects:- Persons of a lymphatic and hypochondriac temperament. Indolent, "weary" persons. Old people. Old beer drinkers. Sedectary life. Averse to either mental or physical labour. Mental labour fatigues. Women of relaxed phlegmatic habit. Extreme prostration, with perspiration.

Notes and features:-

Relaxation:- Prolapse of the rectum. Piles prolapseing; protruding like bunches of grapes, very painful, sore tender, hot, relieved by cold wter. Sphinters are relaxed. There is insecurity in the rectum, as if stool would escape when passing flatus or urine.In point of face, there is involuntary evacuation of soft stool, while passing wind. Involuntary urination. Diarrhoea early in the morning, drinving him out of bed (Psor., Rumex; Sulphur) Hurry to cloet immediatley after eating or drinking (Crot tig).

Fullness:- Fullness is a strong feature. Fulness, distention and rumbling with reference to stomach state. Violent sudden urging; heaviness in rectum. "The stool gurgles out with a noisy rumbling, like water out of a bung hole." Veins become varicose.

Lumpishnes. It is a strong feature of Aloe, and.the symptoms pertaining to this featue are very uncommon and for tht matter highly characteristic. Hard lumps mingled with a watery stoolo. Little hard lumps looking like marbles or sheep dung. "In the constipation the stool is lumpy, like marbles. Sometims these little nodules remain in the rectum a long time without any urging to stool, and finally escape unconsciously, being found in the clothings. Entire loss of sensation in the anus in anaesthesia; no feeling during the passage of the stool."


Mental symptoms:- Aversion to labout. Gret disinclinatin to mental labour; it fatigues. Seems to have a presentiment of approaching death. "Life is a burden." Dissatisfied and angry with himself or his complaints, especially when constipated. "Hates people, repels every one."  Disinclined to move. Cannot get a sleep for a long time, thoughts crowd uon him and keep him awake.


Head: Headache alternates with lumbago, with intestinal and uterine affections. Disinclination to mental labor-Acne above forehead, with heaviness in eyes, mut partially close them. . Headache after stool. Dull, pressive pain; worse from heat.


Eyes:- One is compelled to partially close the eyelids from pain in forehead. Yellow rings moving before the eyes. Pain deep in the orbits.


Face/ Appearance. :Redness of the nose in the open, cold air. Marked redness of lips. Face becomes pale during cloudy weather. Lkips dry, peeling off, cracked, bleeding. Dr. Bhanja says,"If you find a pataient who is complelled to make the eyes small, enquire if he or she has pain in forehead and if the answer elicited is in the affirmataive, then remember that he needs Aloe.


Ears:- Cracking when chewing. Sudden explosion and clashing in left ear. Tinkling as of some thin, shivered, metallic globe in head.


Nose:- Coldness of tip. Bleeding in morning on awakening. Full of crusts.


Mouth:- Taste bitter and sour. Tasteless eructations. Lips cracked and dry.


Throat:- Thick lumps of tough mucus. Varicose condition of veins in pharynx. Dry, scrapy feeling.


Stomach:- Aversion to meat. Longing for juicy things. After eating, flatulence,pulsation in rectum; and sexual irritation. Nausea, with headache. Pain in pit when making false step.


Abdomen:- Pain around navel, worse pressure. Fullness in region of liver, pain under right ribs.Abdomen feels full, heavy, hot, bloated.. Pulsating pain around navel. Weak feeling, as if diarrhoa would come on. Great accumulation of flatus, pressing downwards, causing distress in lower bowels.Sensation of plug between symphysis pubis and os coccyxis., with urging to stool. Colic before and during stool. Burning, copious flatus.


Rectum:-Constant bearing down in rectum; bleeding, sore, and hot; relieved by cold water. Feeling of weakness and loss of power of sphincter ani.Sense of insecurity in rectum., when passing flatus. Uncertain whether gas or stool will come. Stool passes without effort, almost unnoticed. Lumpy, watery stool.  Much of the Aloe trouble is dyseneric in character with a sharp inflammatory condition of the rectum and lower portion of the colon, bloody discharge and yellow, jelly-like mucus. Sometimes Aloe patient will pass nothing but large quantities of this jelly-like mucus. .A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum after stool.. Hæmorrhoids protrude like grapes; very sore and tender; better cold water application. Burning in anus and rectum A common feature of Aloe is that ointments increase these burningsensations  in the anus and rectum.. Constipation, with heavy pressure in lower part of abdomen. There is weakness of the sphincter ani even in case of Constipation. Dr. Nash says "that it is a curious symptom and I would not believe it until I had seen it with my own eyes-Solid stool passing involuntarily , passing unnoticed." He described a case when he was called to tret a child five years of age suffering from birth with a most obstinate form of consitpation. He had to be forced and held to the stool cyring and screaming all the while being totally unable to pass any faeces even after an enema. After trying severeal remedies in vain, he asked the mother to turn the child over (he was in bed) to let  him examine the anus and rectum. As she turned down the bed clothes to do so, a large chunk of sold faeces appeared in the bed."There," she said, "tht is the way it is. Nowtwithstandinghis inability to pass stool when he tries, we often find these things in the bed, and he does not know when they pass, nor do we." He was then given a few doeses of Aloe 200th. and cured the whole trouble quickly and permanently. Diarrhoa from beer(Kali bich).


Urinary:- Incontinence in aged, bearing-down sensation and enlarged prostate. Scanty and high colored.

Female:- Bearing down in rectum, worse standing and during menses. Uterus feels heavy, cannot walk much on that account. Labor-like pains in loins; extend down legs. Aloes like Podophyllum has also prolapsus uteri, and the feeling of heat, heaviness and fullness in the abdomen, pelvis and rectum guides to its selection.  Climacteric hæmorrhage. Menses too early and too profuse.


Respiratory:-Winter coughs, with itching. Difficult respiration, with stitches from liver to chest.

Back:- Pain in small of back; worse moving. Stitches through sacrum.Lumbado alternating with headache and piles. .

Extremities:- Lameness in all limbs.Drawing pains in joints. Soles pain when walking.


Modalities: early morning; summer; heat; in hot, dry weather; after eating or drinking.Better After cold water, in headache, hæmorrhoids, etc., and cold weather; open air; discharge of flatus.


Relationship:- Complementary:Sulphur; compare:Kali bich; Lyco; Allium sativa; Podophyllum.


Antidotes:- Opium; Sulphur;


Dose:- Sixth potency and higher. In rectal conditions, a few doses of the third, then wait.



1. A feeling of weakness in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would result.

2.Diarrhoea with want of confidence in the sphincter ani. The rectum seems full of fluid which feels heavy as if it would fall out.

3.Passing involuntary stools while urging to urinate.

4.Stools lumpy and watery, or composed of lumps of jelly-like mucus.

5.Hemorrhoids protrude like a bunch of grapes, with, constant bearing down in the rectum.


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